If you are a hunter, you know the deal! Concealment is everything! One of the most talked-about debates on the forum is the difference between the tree stand and ground blind. Like everything else in life, everyone has their own opinions. Some hunter prefers to hunt from the tree while others prefer ground hunting. There are various pros and cons to using them both. 

Tree Stand vs Ground Blind

I am going to compare these two based on the advantages and disadvantages of their concealment, mobility, and affordability.

Difference Between Tree Stand And Ground Blind

Difference Between Tree Stand And Ground Blind

What Is A Treestand?

Tree stands can also be very helpful for hunters during the hunting season. There are various reasons for using them during your hunting expedition. You can get a better view of the surroundings from the tree stand, creating a greater field view.


Benefits Of Tree Stand

  • Comfort:- Tree stands are bare-bone in their design. There are specific models that come with padded chairs that are not uncomfortable even if you want to sit still. If you are planning for a day out of bow bunting, then you need to be prepared to spend a long time in one spot waiting for the optimum moment to take the shot. Comfort is essential, not just because your legs might ache but also because if you are not comfortable you might lose the prey. Some hunter finds tree stand easier to use and comfier than saddles or ground blinds.
  • Versatile:- When will have limited option to install a permanent tree stand to hunt on public grounds. You can use tree stands in such places and they are quite famous as they can be easily fixed on any tree. Also, it allows you to hunt anywhere.
  • Portable:- Tree stands are usually heavy but there are so many varieties that are available in the lightweight. They are backpack straps that are also convenient to carry.
  • Easy To Use:- It is not that hard to set up. You might get a cable retention system that helps you to set up in place and you don’t have to worry about pins or bolts and nuts.
  • Safe And Comfortable:- Tree stands come with armrests, cushions, and footrests. There are specific models that come with an open and close mechanism system that helps you to move with great comfort.

Disadvantages Of Tree Stand

  • No protection for you from the wind unless you have a skirt around the platform.
  • Some tree stands are heavier to carry
  • Setting up a tree stand can be noisy and scare animals in the area.
  • Hunter might also lose their footing when getting out or getting in of the treestand in harsh climates.
  • You might not be able to change positions or be comfortable moving around in some models.

What Is A Ground Blind?

Ground Blind

The ground blind has become so popular over the last few years. Its light, inexpensive, versatile, and mobile are some of the reasons for the increase in its popularity. They provide an unmatched level of comfort while deer hunting and any other game animals as they can keep you dry and warm.

Benefits of Ground blind

  • Comfort:- I must stress the comfort level that this provides you. The fact that you can sit for a long time period regardless of weather conditions is a huge advantage of a ground blind. The more time you spend hunting the better the chances of a buck of a lifetime will show up.
  • Mobility:- This provides an easy-to-set-up benefit. You can set it up wherever and whenever you want which can also be moved at moments to get a better spot.  
  • Concealment:- When sitting on the ground blind, animals like deer will never realize that there is a person inside the blind. So, they will approach the ground blind as if it is just a tree or something. This offers a deer hunter the benefit and if patient enough, the chance to get prey from close range.
  • Spacious:- The ground blind is so spacious! You can accompany a partner with you while hunting. These are also excellent choices for hunting with kids. As it’s safer and enables you to get away easily.
  • Scent Containment:- Being inside of the blind while the prey keeps a large part of your scent from leaving the blind. The sense of smell is the number one sense deer have to save themselves from predators. Humans are the stinkiest for the deer, a ground blind will offer a superior scent containment feature. Some hunter also uses scent elimination products or ozone technology to reduce the human smell coming out of the blind.

Disadvantages Of Ground Blind

  • Shots are usually on a flat plane which is not safe
  • You will not be able to see as far
  • You can be deer’s line of sight
  • Your wind might stay at ground level

Comparison Tree Stand vs Ground Blind

FeaturesGround BlindTree Stand
Concealment Provides Ultimate concealmentYou will have to close all the doors and windows with a ground blind
Portability Easy to carry and move as wellEasy to carry and move
ComfortCan be disturbing for some people to sit on top of a treeA ground blind is super comfortable and you can sit on a chair inside
Set-UpA bit tough to set upEasy to set up. Can erect the blind in just a few minutes
Capacity Limited capacityThese can accommodate up to 8 people depending on the type
PriceExpensiveLess Expensive

Final Thoughts

Blinds are easier and more comfortable. They are also more affordable than a tree stand. In specific areas, hunting can become accustomed to the blind and might walk away. Deer are used to deep wilderness and can be a bit sketchier, they will be done if they see humans. In such places, a tree stand is an excellent option to consider. Also, you can enjoy the time you spend there, and learn the behavioral patterns of animals while also tracking the trails and preparing for the hunt.

Also, the choosing factor depends on your comfortability, budget, and the trip you are preparing. All in all, you can still have fun enjoy your hunting experience, and enhance your success chances in the hunting ground if you make the right choice.

Frequently Ask Questions:-

1. Is it better to hunt on the ground or stand?

A well–placed tree stand might not be an option when going head-to-head. In the end, hunting with both feet on the ground can offer you more and better options than you would find in a tree.

2. How high should a tree stand be?

Usually, bowhunters hang tree stands between 17 to 20 feet. But this does not apply in all situations.

3. What to carry with you in a stand?

You can carry batteries, bulbs, and a flashlight. They can come in handy while walking to or from the location in low-light conditions.


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