4 Best Gun Rest For Tree Stand 2024

A gun rest helps you to get an accurate shot every time. They adjust to fit your height and enable you to switch between optics to guns with ease. You can use these while mounting in a tree stand or standing to get the right possible shot you can get.

Best Gun Rest For Tree Stand

If you shoot often, you probably need a gun rest. I like them because they allow you to get a decent shot when it counts and you can also readjust your aim without moving a lot. 

Overview Of 4 Best Gun Rest For Tree Stand

1. Caldwell Gun Rest

2. BOG Fieldpoint Chair Gun Rest

3. Vanguard VEO Gun Rest

4. BOG FieldPod Gun Rest

1. Caldwell Gun Rest

Why You Choose This Gun Rest

  • Accuracy:- Comes with a dual-frame for extra stability, there is also a frame balance adjustment, a tension knob for rotating the frame, and individually adjustable height front and rear supports. This gear is solid before and after every shot. 
  • Versatility:- Features a dual frame construction and the upper frame is also adjustable for use with all-size rifles which also includes detachable magazine rifles. You can also use a crossbow with it. Caldwell Dead Shot Gun Rest With Versatile Use
  • Non-Destructive:- Equipped with over-molded, non-marring rear stock and can securely hold your gun without intruding at any point of contact. 
  • Ease of Use:- There is a tension knob that is placed vertically on the upper frame. It also comes with a 180-degree horizontal panning ability. Caldwell Dead Shot Gun Rest With 180 Degree Roation
  • Adjustable:- The equipment is adjustable between 20 to 40 inches. You can either sit in the chair or use it on the ground from the blinds.


  • Enhanced accuracy 
  • Successful trigger time
  • Electronic hearing protection
  • Offers excellent stability


  • Chair needs upgradation
  • Heavy Construction

One of the many challenges hunters face in the field is the issue of getting maximum accuracy with the weapon be it a crossbow or a rifle. But with the Caldwell Dead shot rifle shooting rest, you can now easily get bench rest accuracy in the field without stressing too much. Being one of the most successful American manufacturers of shooting products, crafted the product in such an innovative way. 

It can be adjusted as per your need to accommodate accurately various manners of crossbows and guns. The field pod height adjustment ranges from 20-42 inches and either you can sit in a chair or on the ground while using it. The acquiring target can be easy to features like an excellent full tilt function and a 360-degree rotating function. These features play a vital role in maximizing the accuracy of the shots. 

The admirable feature of this Gun rest tree stands is it weighs light and comes with an aluminum body that is responsible for providing it its renowned lightness. For maximum stability, I found that it was best to position one of the 3-legs directly forward in the same direction as the muzzle of your rifle. By doing this, you can avoid the tendency to the tip of the FieldPod, with a heavy bull barrel rifle. 

The gear is an excellent piece of equipment for which you will find various uses: for hunting and shooting larger games and for on-the-range games. Overall, it is a well-designed piece of equipment that comes with an affordable price tag considering its features and stability. 

2. BOG Fieldpoint Chair Gun Rest

Why You Choose This Gun Rest

  • Multiple Options:- Non-marring supports can hold different weapons from Muzzleloaders to shotguns, and much more. 
  • Adjustable:- The knobs are situated near the shooter and can be adjusted when needed. Also comes with removable footpads and legs with rubber support. 
  • Hands-Free Use:- The Bog FieldPod is designed securely to hold your weapons at the ready while calling or using binoculars.BOG Fieldpoint Gun Rest With Hand Free Use
  • Rubber Cradle:- Includes a rubber cradle for ultimate support and stability. The pliable rubber can hold any kind of handguard. 
  • Lightweight:- Engineered with durable aluminum and suitable for long hours of waiting for a clear shot and sitting. It is portable and collapsible. 


  • Amazing durability
  • Knobs are easily adjustable 
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Portable 


  • Small chair
  • Poor quality control 

If you are looking for an affordable standing rifle tree stand, then this one from the BOG comes with a rugged appearance and is suitable for a game trail for a long-distance range. This equipment is designed to carry a lot. It’s incredibly lightweight as it is built with polymer and aluminum construction. Beefier tripods can use stainless fasteners for extra weight. 

Aluminum is lighter and does not corrode. The legs and main hub feel strong and it locks with an excellent tactile feel. Also equipped with removable footpads and legs and includes three large conical rubber pads which offer extra grip on the hardball surface and they can sit well into sand and gravel easily. You can also replace the feet, which are held by a small fastener on the inside. The diameter of the legs and the fasteners look like they are suitable for all Harris-style bipod feet. 

This specific model has its own spiked feet and is well-built. They are durable and made of billet aluminum and sport an anodized finish. The center leg brace offers so much ruggedness. The whole assembly is made from stainless hardware and aluminum. It works great keeping the legs stiff and spaced well on uneven terrain with no wobble or slop. 

There is also a rubber cradle that provides stability and support. The cradle is simple and that is how it must be for fieldwork. The soft, pliable rubber that’s extra supportive can hold metal, wood, and polymer handguard tacked in place. This helps to mitigate recoil with 0.30-caliber loads perfectly. 

3. Vanguard VEO Gun Rest

Why You Choose This Gun Rest

  • Tri-stand Base:- This shooting stick is equipped with a tri-stand base that can be adjusted for crossbow and gun support. Also suitable for the outdoorsman. Vanguard VEO Gun Rest With Tri Stand Base
  • Ability:- The stick offers the unique ability to tilt and pan with the smooth ball joint at the base of the stick, enabling you to shoot from a wide range of angles accurately. 
  • 360-Degrees:- The stick includes a U-Yoke that can rotate 360 degrees and has rubber fins to ensure the gear is secure and stable. Vanguard VEO Gun Rest With 360-degrees U Yoke
  • Loading Capacity:- The yoke can be removed to convert the stick into a monopod with a max loading capacity of 13.1 lbs.


  • Allows to accommodate spotting scopes or cameras
  • Unbeatable grip
  • Easy assembly
  • Ideal for tall people as well


  • Fussy twist locks on legs
  • The tripod base gets crammed easily 

A lot of new buyers are impressed with this gear’s ability to handle heftier rifles. There are also more impressed with its ability to be an excellent walking stick when hiking. One of the users said he managed to use this not just for hunting but uses to offer extra stability when you walk around. This shooting stick is also a multi-purpose tool that will offer you the best stability as you walk around or take aim at your target of choice. 

On top of that, it comes with a 360-degree rotating yolk that enables easy movement in various directions. This will offer you all sorts of angles to work with in regard to your hunting rifle. So, if you need a stick that will not waste your time trying to reposition your gun, the Vanguard VEO 2 gets the job done. This has its uses both for hiking and hunting. The stick is extendable and durable and offers you the best possible support no matter whether you have a gun attached or not. 

If you are looking for a stick that is reliable for all sorts of outdoor activities, you would be hard-pressed to see anything else quite like this. Overall, the VEO 2 is not just a regular shooting stick. You can walk, shoot and utilize it to your advantage. The stick is pretty durable and stable, it can handle all kinds of heavy rifles. If you have an AR-15 that is complete-loaded and built like a tank, this can be some good. 

4. BOG FieldPod Gun Rest

Why You Choose This Gun Rest

  • Accuracy:- Comes with a dual-frame for max stability. There is also a tension known for tilting the frame with adjustable heights.
  • Non-Destructive:- Like other BOG equipment, this model also has over-molded, non-marring rear stock and front forend support that can securely hold guns.
  • Easy to Use:- Equipped with the 180-degree panning ability with a tension knob that is placed to enable vertical tilt.BOG Fieldpoint Gun Rest Easy To Use
  • User-Friendly:- This rest comes with a dual-frame body and upper frame length adjustments for use with all-size rifles.


  • The upper part is detachable for easy transport
  • Any size rifle can be used
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Hands-free use 
  • Excellent adjustability


  • Not weather resistant
  • The strap isn’t great for securing[/alert-success]

For an obsessed hunter, there is a hunting gear that is engineered with innovative design. The BOG Filed Pod (Treepod style) is an excellent choice for those who wish to pursue their passion either personally or professionally. The brand strives to promote the ethical and responsible pursuit of hunting and the continuance of sporting heritage. This specific TreePod weighs around 15 pounds and it’s adjustable from twenty inches to forty-two inches high.

Comes with a dual frame for extra stability, a tension knob for rotating the frame to your desired direction, and an upper frame balance point adjustment. The rest is completely solid when using and after taking every shot. The tension knob is placed to enable vertical tilt of the upper frame and 180-degree horizontal panning ability. The rest supports the weapon completely in a ready position and frees up your hands and the upper part of the rest detaches for easy transport.

It stands weighs just 15 pounds and adjusts from twenty inches to forty-two inches high. You also get a wide range of models to choose from the same brand. Multiple options, hands-free use, and quick adjustments make this an excellent product to use while hunting from a tree.

How to Choose a Gun Rest For Tree Stand

1. Compatibility:

Make sure the gun rest you choose is compatible with your tree stand. Some models are designed to work with specific tree stands or have adjustable attachment options that can fit various tree stand sizes and shapes.

2. Stability:

The gun rest should be stable enough to keep your firearm steady when you take aim. Look for models with wide bases or those that can be securely attached to the tree stand. Additionally, consider the weight and size of your firearm to ensure the gun rest can support it.

3. Adjustability:

You may need to adjust the gun rest to accommodate different shooting positions or distances. Look for models that offer easy adjustments for height, angle, and rotation.

4. Material and Construction:

The gun rest should be made from durable materials that can withstand the elements and the weight of your firearm. Look for models made from sturdy metals or high-quality plastics.

5. Ease of use:

The gun rest should be easy to set up and use. Look for models that come with clear instructions and require minimal assembly.

6. Portability:

If you plan to move your tree stand frequently, consider a lightweight and portable gun rest that is easy to pack and transport.

Frequently Ask Questions:-

1. What is the benefit of using a tree stand?

A tree stand offers you the benefit of moving around a bit and not being seen. It offers you an extended visibility range and an accurate aim.

2. What are things to consider when buying shooting gear?

When buying shooting gear, you need to check the weight, portability, and sturdiness. You also need to check the adjustments and it should help you and not burden you.

3. Standing or sitting shooting rest? Which is better?

Both offer you a different advantage. A standing gear can offer a shooter a clear angle to look at the targets while the sitting rest can offer you comfort and ease while aiming the targets. You need to choose the gear according to your requirement and the kind of target.

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