Welcome to HunterHunts. My name is David Gray and I am the author and creator of HunterHunts, I have been in the Hunting industry for around 30 years and it’s my true love and passion. I am an engineering-certified student from the Georgia Institute of Technology. It all started as a kid when I used to go on my dad’s hunting trips where my father used to teach me about hunting skills and later on he let me know how to clean the hunting gear.  Since that time I have been obsessed with hunting and its gear, which eventually led me to start this website to share my passion with my readers.

Through this website you can find both informational and hunting gear content, our team has spent several hundred hours in both research and writing. I hope you find the content on this website useful. If you do then let me know! We love getting comments and feedback on our content even if it is negative since that can also help us improve

David Gray

Founder, Instructor

David Gray

“We are hunting gear product addicts and love writing and sharing our product experiences with anyone who will listen!”

Why trust our buyer guides?

I found that there are a lot of poorly written articles out there and I want to help my readers to find equipment that is truly worth their money. To do this I have done a lot of research on forums, reading reviews and testing them myself to ensure that you get the best that’s out there.

In addition to this, I earn some commission when writing these articles, I am never biased toward a company. The ones who perform the best are the only ones I will include in my article.

Who writes our content?

In this blog, I have actually had a few assistants. Firstly I have our various professional writers, who are a team I could not have done this without them will be listed below. I also have a son and wife who I won’t name, but they have been a tremendous help in both research and writing throughout the site’s lifetime. As I mentioned earlier I want to cover every aspect of the hunting gear product and I can’t do that alone.

Our Writers & Contributors

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David Gray, Founder
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Jess Nason, Writer & Contributor

Where can you find us?

Though most of the team is U.S.-based, I personally hail from Georgia and can be contacted or mailed through the following address. Please be respectful since this is my family’s home.

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Email: Oficialhunterhunts@gmail.com