How to Set Up Turkey Decoys & Blind 2024

Turkey decoys and blinds are essential gears when it comes to turkey hunting. These two gears help to fool the birds and show them an illusion. Knowing the right way to put up these gears is very important.

How to Set Up Turkey Decoys & Blind

Here are all the tips and tactics related to decoys and blinds. These will help you have an amazing hunting session.

How To Set Up Turkey Decoy

1. Select Right Turkey For Hunting

Before going for a Turkey hunting session, you need to decide which turkey you are going for, a gobbler or a dominant kind of subordinate.  The season is also an essential factor to consider for choosing the right type of decoy. In the early season, the tom often works great to attract the dominant gobbler. This scenario may change in other seasons. 

A small group of birds travels in the middle part of the turkey hunting season. The flock size decreases. This is the time of the gobbler’s breeding, so this is a perfect time to get those prey easily with dec

2. Spread Properly

Turkey Decoys

Spreading the Decoy is one of the most important tasks that need to be done to have the best hunting experience. Get the decoy and put it up all around. Make sure to have it well displayed to attract the turkey. The decoy should be inflated properly, and then you must set it up. It is essential to inflate it completely to get a natural-looking turkey to get the attention of several turkeys.

Get the best decoy types with the most naturalistic color and design, then put them up around the hunting spot. You can capture Turkey’s attention from different angles and views when you spread them right.

3. Find The Right Hide

Find The Right Hide

You must have the right place to hide to have a perfect shot at your target. You can go for a large tree. Know your best angle for shooting. If you shoot from your right hand, you need to rest on your left side, and you can point your left boot toward the shutter decoy. To cover yourself up, you can add branches and leaves that mask your silhouette.

Ensure your hide is comfortable and covers you the best. Your hide should keep you away from the turkey’s notice. Maintain a proper distance from your prey.

4. Multiple Hens Setup

Multiple Hens Setup

While hunting from inside the blind, the hunter should remember to carry more than one decoy. There should be multiple decoys that will help cover the surroundings and distract the turkeys.  It would help if you had the male, hen, and a few of the feeding hens. These decoys will help you reach your target.

It would be best to put up decoys all around the hunting area. The decoys should be at a closer distance for better results. Hunters can go for using Tom and Jake for a quarter or “half-strut,” this can have an impact and will definitely attract the dominant gobbler. 

Using the breeding style decoys is also effective. It will show as if the hen is sitting on its nest. Hen Jake is also kept at a maximum distance of 5 to 6 feet. This will show if Jake is approaching breeding.

5. Backup With Calls

Use a Variety of Calls

Putting up a decoy is not enough. To put a real trap for a perfect hunt, you need to put in a bit more effort. Get your calls. These will make the effect of the decoys even more naturalistic. When the turkeys hear the calls and see the decoy, they will think of approaching, and you can have your shot.

How To Set Up Turkey Ground Blind

1. Best Location

Finding the best spot for your turkey blind is important in turkey hunting. This location depends upon different factors like wind direction, sun, feeding paths of the turkey, etc. 

Find The Right Place

Some pre-hunting information collection is required to find the best location to plant the turkey blind. Some important information, such as the visiting areas, sleeping areas, regular hunting areas, etc., should be collected beforehand. This will take you to the area of hunting. After reaching your hunting spot, some assessment terrain, wind, etc., will show you where to place your turkey blind.

 2. Sun Placement

Sun plays a vital role in placing the blind properly. The blind should be placed so that the sun is behind it. Turkey has a very sharp sense of movement. They can easily notice movement in the blind from a long distance if the sun highlights it. Hence it is important to keep the sun behind the blind.

Right Weather

You must shift your blind from morning to afternoon or place multiple blinds to get the best results. It is advisable to keep one window open to hunting at a time. This is because, with all of them open, there is a chance of falling into the sharp eyes of a turkey.

 3. Visibility

Many hunters tend to make their blinds deep inside the wood. But this does not work that way. Blinds are meant to be blended in nature. It will not create any problems if placed in an open area.

You are making your blinds deep inside doors will create problems rather than solve them. It will block your vision and won’t give you a clear shot to hunt Turkeys. Trees will block your eyesight, and you have to take difficult shots. Then if any of the shots miss, the turkeys will run around hifazat, and you won’t be able to kill any of them from the woods.

 4. Adjust

The blind is said to be best when it is strong, steady, and portable to allow hunters to adjust. If a hunter has Banks turkey hunting blind, he is half ready for his hunting season. He can easily go out to the field and adjust the blind whenever required. Hunters need to hook the blind to an ATV and change the position of the blind according to its necessity.

 5. Focus on Windows

The windows of the blind play an important role. It would be best to close all the windows to prevent the turkey from noticing.  They can see the slightest movement, so you need to close all the openings to stay away. Just keep that single window open to have a shot over your target. Other windows should be completely sealed and closed.

Frequently Ask Questions:-

1. How many Decoys do I need to take in my Turkey hunting session?

To have the best results in your turkey hunting session, you need at least one male and two hens, among which one should feed one. You have to spread it out properly in your hunting spot.

2. How many windows do I need to open while waiting for the turkey?

While waiting for the turkeys to approach, you must be alert. It is advised to open one single window. It will prevent the turkeys from noticing the blind.

3. Which is the best time to hunt your target from the blind?

The best time to hunt turkey inside the blind is early morning or sunsetting hours. During these times, the sun is at the back of the blind, and the turkeys cannot spot you.

4. Do I need to use calls with decoys?

When using decoys to add up the effect and make it realistic, you have to go for calls. Calls will increase the effectiveness and attract more turkeys that are far away. By using both gears together, you can easily trap a turkey.

5. What do I need to consider while getting a Decoy?

It is highly essential to choose the right decoy for your hunting session. To choose the best one have a close look at the design. The feature should look realistic and natural. The prints should be detailed and precise. Getting the right decoy will help level up your hunt.


Turkey hunting requires skills and tactics. In addition to that, gears and understanding of the gears are important too. When you go out there hunting, the decoy is a must-have. Take it along, and you will see the approaching turkeys. Stay put in your blind. Don’t forget to find the perfect spot for your decoy and blind. Get going! 

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