Hunting down wild turkey requires skill and practice. To get a perfect shot, you need to know its tactics. If you know the right tricks to have a good target on these birds, then you can have a bag full of kills.

Turkey Hunting Tips And Tactics

Here are some effective and self-tested tips that will improve your hunting skills! 

1. Scouting


Scouting is the initial and most important process of hunting. It is a pre-hunting season in which the hunter must gather all turkeys’ information. It involves the best season, the best time of the day, behavior, the area where to find turkeys to hunt, etc.

It also involves getting familiar with the area you are out hunting. The woods or the open area need to be assessed properly to make a perfect plan for the hunting season.

2. Proper Planning

Proper Planning

Planning the full hunt before going out hunting is a necessary process. Knowing what you need to do when you’re out on the field makes it easier for you to act. In any exceptional case, you have to act according to the situation, but having an idea beforehand should be best.

3. Roosting

Roosting is a very important as well as exciting portion of hunting. You must follow the turkeys into the woods and discover their resting place at night. This process should be done silently.

When you discover the place, come straight to that area early and set up there. When the turkeys are on the move, they will run in your direction if given a slow call.

4. Put Up an Early Setup With Ground Blind

Put Up an Early Setup With Ground Blind

Choose a spot that will be perfect to have shot from different sides. Your spot must cover the surrounding targets. Don’t choose an elevated surface, or the turkey will easily notice you. Stay low and close to the ground. It will help you remain hidden from long hours of a hunt.

The ground blind can help you get the most comfortable hunt. Camouflage is helpful but will restrict you from moving a bit when you are in the prime time of hunting. Your moment can grab the attention of your prey, and you have to hold back.

Blind comes as a savior there. The blind will cover you up from all sides and allow you to wait for your hunt more conveniently. The outer appearance of the blind must resemble the surroundings to hide the whole structure. You can wait inside that and wait until you find a turkey. You can easily see through holes and set your target from inside it.

5. Right Weather

Right Weather

Keeping an eye on the weather can also assist you in hunting turkeys. The best time is sunny days. Especially if the last few days’ weathers were not favorable, due to bad weather was not good, turkeys will come out running on a sunny day. You can easily find them gobbling around everywhere.

You can also try your luck during the rain. Finding turkeys moving around during rain is common, but they won’t be gobbling. Hence using a call or scent is also not that productive. The only option is to trust your luck and wait patiently on the rotates to find turkeys.

6. Use a Variety of Calls

Use a Variety of Calls

Calls are highly essential during hunting. But calling around without knowing proper information will only ruin your hunting. Hunters must carry different calls for different purposes in the hunting ground.

The call can be used to locate turkeys. Producing sounds of Owls, Hoots, Crow caws, etc., will make them react to that sound. By this, you can get their location easily.

Regarding the turkey sound, don’t start on an aggressive note. It may frighten them, and they will run away. Gradually increases the intensity of your call. When turkey is constantly reacting, stop. This will create suspicion in its mind, and it will come closer to you to check to make your target easier to shoot.

7. Decoys

Set up Decoys

Decoys can be a game changer when they are used properly. Placing them in a regular turkey path and a continuous call will surely attract turkeys toward you. Using this, you can get a clear and close target for hunting. A reality-looking single lonesome hen as a decoy works the best in attracting turkeys towards it.

8. Use Trail Camera

Use Trail Camera

Trail cameras can be highly advantageous when it comes to hunting turkeys. It can be used for surveillance and to gain more and more information about the turkeys. Hunter can not Scout for 24 hours continuously. This device can keep an eye on the movements of turkeys.

In the long run, if you leave the Trail camera for a day, month or session, you can notice the time when the Turkeys are more active around the hunting area and the number of turkeys moving together. This information will help you to hunt the maximum number of turkeys you can get in one go. 

9. Organized Gears

To get the best experience of hunting Turkeys, you must carry a lot of gear. But it is highly essential that your gear can be accessible when it is required. Carrying a lot of gear will create mismanagement, but you have to hold up your gear in an organized manner.

You need to be sure about the gears in the best safety. Starting from the first Aid kit to the fire starter, it must be in your hand as soon as possible. You must not search them in between the hunting ground.

10. Use The Gun With a Choke Tube

Use The Gun With a Choke Tube

Finding the best gun for your hunt is highly essential. A shotgun gun is used when it comes to hunting Turkeys. You can use different guns, but this is the most recommended one.

You can also use choke tubes in your shotgun. Short guns are close ranges firearms. Hence using choke tubes increases the firing range as well as the accuracy of a shot. With this, you can also have a better shot at the turkey at a little distance.

11. Practice

Proper practice before heading out to hunt will improve your hunting tour’s results. You should use all your gear and check whether they work at their best. Try your clothing items, like socks, boots, etc., with their fitting.

Run around wearing this clothing and carrying the accuracies. Make sure you have easy access to all the gear that you carry. Practice with your bow or gun, whichever you want to use, with your clothes on and check whether it is sticking somewhere.

12. Be Patience & Safe

Be Patience & Safe

Turkeys are very active birds. Running before them will not be a good idea. When hunting turkeys, sit back and wait for the birds to appear. Waiting for turkeys in their common route will get you more hunts than running behind them. Collect information about the routes of the bird, and your patience will take you to the right opportunity to hunt turkeys.

When you are out hunting, smartly look around the area because you are not the only one hunting there. In many cases, hunters are shot by other hunters assuming they are turkeys. Be safe and look around properly before setting up.

13. Let Them Get Closer

It is best advised to allow the turkey to come as close as possible if they are coming toward you. You don’t have to jump directly to kiss whenever you see a turkey. Wait patiently for turkeys to come close enough into the gun’s range for better shot accuracy.

If you are not that good at assuming the distance, then you can carry a Rangefinder. It really becomes handy in large open lands as there are no ups and downs for assuming the distance.

14. Play With The Gobbler

Hunters must be aware and differentiate between turkeys’ gobbling sounds from other birds. It will certainly show you the pinpointed location of the turkey. If you have good ears, you can also know the distance between you and the birds, the direction from where turkeys are present, etc. This will help you charge them directly and shoot.

The gobbler sound can also be used as a call for turkey near a decoy. This will attract other turkeys to that area. It will be more efficient and productive as you can hunt more turkeys at once.


To make the tough task of hunting turkey easier, you need to know the right tactics. These mentioned tricks and techniques will level up your hunting game, and soon you will become a pro! You will be more than satisfied after each of your killing sessions. Just don’t forget to practice before going out, and you are good to go and hunt down the jelly heads!

Frequently Ask Question

1. What documents should I carry while hunting?

You should carry proof of your license, stamp, and permit necessary for turkey hunting.

2. Can I use a 410 shotgun for hunting Turkeys?

Yes. You can hunt Turkeys with any Shotgun or Muzzleloader that is less than or equal to 10 gauge.

3. Can I take both firearms and a crossbow together to the field? 

If you are a firearm license holder, then yes. You can take both of them to the field.

4. I have an artery license. Can I carry a crossbow to hunt Turkeys?

No, carrying a crossbow is not allowed with an artery license. You can only carry legal bows and arrows.

5. What month should be best to start scouting?

It is better if you start scouting at the end of February.


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