List Of 20 Turkey Hunting Gear List 2024

As spring is around the corner and it needs some kind of in-hand preparations if you wish to turkey hunt. Turkey hunting is not easy and it requires strategy and patience.

Turkey Hunting Gear Checklist

To make sure you are fully prepared I have made a list of must-have turkey hunting gear checklists to make things like a piece of cake!

List Of 20 Spring Turkey Hunting Gear List

infographic of 20 Spring Turkey Hunting Gear Checklist

1. Turkey Calls

Turkey Calls

I know these Turkey calls might be an old–school method of hunting but these can enhance your hunting chances. One of the most effective ways that has proved to be the best is Yelp

This is just a basic way to communicate with the birds which express an interest in breeding. Some electronic devices can mimic the same which can lure the birds closer as well.

2. Turkey Decoys

Turkey Decoys

These are also excellent hunting gear that you need while hunting! These can distract them from your presence which allows you to take a steady shot.

There are a plethora of Turkey Decoys available, so make sure to buy the right one that is suitable for such situations.

3. Hunting Boots

Hunting Boots

Look for sturdy turkey hunting boots when buying one. They must fit well and keep your feet dry and warm while you walk through the dew-soaked field.

Look out for the material, it must be made of rubber or neoprene and should come up to your ankles. My suggestion will be ankle-length hunting boots!

4. Hunting Facemask

Hunting Facemask

Well, Turkey easily distracts and runs away with the slightest movement because they have great eyesight.
To hide from the eye of the turkey you need a quality camouflage mask. That also prevents you from dust, UV rays, cold wind, etc.

5. Blind Chair & Stool

Blind Chair & Stool

In hunting, you need a lot of patience because staying in the same position for hours makes you fatigued. In the hunting field, you need to remain calm and silent, especially in Turkey hunting.
To take a clean shot after waiting so long you need a comfortable ground blind chair with an armrest. If you are unable to carry a blind chair you can go with a stool for easy convenience.

6. Ground Blind

Ground Blind

Basically, a Ground blind helps you to conceal from the eye of the turkey and prevent you from unstable weather conditions. Because waiting for hours in the field makes you tired. At that time most of the hunters make small movements and noises that’s why your prey runs away

7. Camouflage Apparel

Camouflage Apparels

Well, this is super essential! But why? That’s because turkeys have great eyesight and are frisky, so the slightest hint of movement can scare them off.

Camouflaged apparel can help you to get a clear shot. When your whole body is covered, which also includes your hands, face, and head; they will not be able to spot you easily. Remember not to wear black, red, blue, and white as these colors might make the hunter mistake you for prey.

8. GPS


You will never know what nature brings in! You must carry a GPS with you. I also suggest you carry a compass and conventional maps in case the GPS doesn’t work.

If you don’t know how to use a compass, check for the same on the internet or ask someone who already knows.

9. Binoculars


I use binoculars from beginning to finish. These allow you to watch for the birds that are afar and you don’t have to buy large ones for turkey hunting.

You can buy 8x or 10x power magnifications and choose the one that is compact and lightweight. As the eyesight of turkeys is sharp, they can spot you blink so be prepared for this by investing in a good pair of binoculars that can help foil that sharp eyesight.

10. Knife


This is one of the most essential turkey hunting gear you need to carry. There is a wide range of knives like folding, resilience, and the one with strong arms.  

Buy the one that is comfortable for you to hold to make sure of this you need to consider the size of the knife and your palm. If you have huge palms then consider buying large knives.

11. Bug Repellent

Bug Repellent & Food

While hunting in the woods you will see a lot of insects and bugs. To avoid these you need to carry a repellant with you which can be a decisive factor.

12. Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone

I know mobile phones are not going to grab signal where you will be turkey hunting. But still, it can be used for rural places or can be used to locate maps or record things you want to share.

13. Sunglasses & Raingear

Sunglasses & Raingear

As the weather is unpredictable, you must have rain gear with a rain cover and a suit. You must also carry a pair of sunglasses in case it is too sunny.

Seeing through binoculars or aiming with sunglasses for turkey hunting can be a bit tough but they can protect your eyes when resting or waiting.

14. Crossbow


To take down the bird you need a crossbow. Make sure to carry this when you go turkey hunting without fail.

Always skim through your hunting bag to find out whether all the gear on this list is there and you don’t miss anything on your next hunting.

15. Waterbottle


As this is essential. You don’t want your mouth to be dry and dehydration disturbs you physically. So carry a water bottle with you to keep you hydrated.

16. Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper

Carrying toilet paper can always save you from unexpected panics! Buy septic-safe biodegradable toilet paper. There are camouflaged toilet papers available that don’t scare birds and hunters as well.

17. Hunting License

Hunting License

Get your license ready; have them in your pockets. Also, remember to check for the date or get it renewed depending on the state policy.   

Carrying this can avoid last-minute confusion or any other legal dispute.

18. Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags

You need this to carry back home! Try to have them in your hunting back every time you go hunting! There is various kinds of these available online, make sure to check them out!

19. Shears


Well, this is used to clean your games easily leaves no jagged bone, and cuts the skin clean. These game shears can snip away the necks, legs, and wings easily.

20. Food

Walking in terrain with backpacking burns calories faster and takes away a lot of energy. Which leads to physical or mental tiredness.

With the help of high calories and good nutrition value food, you can bring your calorie count back to normal. It will help you to take a perfect shot.

Frequently Ask Question

1. What spring weather is the best for turkey hunting?

Other weather patterns might go away but your chances of taking down a mature turkey go way up. Try going turkey hunting on warm or dry days. I prefer going on light rainy days.

2. Where does turkey gobble in low or high pressure?

The barometric pressure gobbling might affect the activity. Low pressure means rainy which means less gobbling and high pressure falls between 29.7 inches, this is where gobbling is more.

3. Can I call a turkey up a hill?

They walk both uphill and downhill. I have also tried both and got better results  

4. Where to aim a turkey?

You can aim at the head and the neck part of the bird. If you are a bowhunter then aim the lungs or heart.

5. Do turkeys remember?

No turkeys like any other bird will not remember.

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