Climbing Stick Buying Guide: How To Choose A Climbing Stick

When hunting season rolls around and wants to be positioned about the prey. You will need the best climbing stick. It provides an elevated spot and it offers you help in all your hunting needs allowing you to reach a great height. You can also reach the top of the tree quickly and safely. If you have not tripped from the climbing stick, then you might have not hunted frequently. 

Climbing Stick Buying Guide

There is a wide range of designs and styles of climbing sticks available in the market. You might be puzzled about what to choose before buying for the first time. Even if you are a professional hunter, you need to consider a few factors before choosing the right tool. 

I have made a blog post on the top climbing sticks available in the market to make things easier for you. Also, there are some factors to consider before picking the right tool. I have compiled a list of factors to look for while buying the right set of climbing sticks. 

Here Are The Steps to Choose the Best Climbing Stick

Step:-1 Safety

The first and foremost thing to consider is safety. It doesn’t need to be mentioned! But while buying anything, always consider safety first. Treestands are considered a bit risky as if might fall from a height. We cannot prevent a mishap, but we can save ourselves from other causes that might result in trouble. 

Climbing Stick Safety First
  • Safety:- While mounting and descending a climbing stick is essential. You must check for safety standards while investing in them.
  • Weight:- Always check the weight rating before buying a climbing stick. Make sure that you buy the one that comes with a high-weight rating
  • Steps:- Consider the steps on both sides of the central frame. It should offer you double support at a similar level. Also, the steps must have minimal gaps between every step. Giant leaps can be risky!
  • Base:- Choose the one that is designed with a base located farther away from the tree. This offers you a ladder-like look, which offers more balance & stability. These sticks are safer than other hunting climbing tools. 

Step:-2 Portability

Another significant factor to consider is portability. When you want to go into the wood, the weight of the product can become a deciding factor. Go for lighter climbing sticks if you want to trek a few more miles before you set up your entire set. The sticks must be made of lightweight material that has sections to build an entire frame. 

They can be dismantled and stacked to be taken and carried easily. It is also essential to remember that you must not compromise on the quality while going to a lighter set of climbing sticks. Check the weight rating before buying a climbing stick. 

Step:-3 Stand Height

The Height Of The Climbing Stick

If you are an experienced hunter, then you might know that the tree size can differ based on their suitability. Some can handle lower climbing sticks while others prefer taller ones for better stability and safety. You don’t have to invest in climbing sticks extender when the stick fits the tree already. If you are someone who frequently moves your climbing sticks, then buy a taller one. These are always suitable for all kinds of trees. 

Step:-4 Frame Material

Most hunting climbing sticks are made of aluminum or steel. Check the paint job if you want to buy the steel ones. Make sure none of the steel is exposed, this can prevent rust when exposed in extreme weather conditions. The aluminum ones are always lighter and durable, they cannot rust easily. 

Step:-5 Flexible & Multifunctional

Your climbing sticks must be flexible and multifunctional if you want them to be high-performing. They must also be useful enough so that if you want to get to the desired height on any tree. You can climb easily without any hesitation. 

Step:-6 Noise Level

Low Level Of Noise

A single squeak can make a huge difference. Always look for the one that can make no noise at all. You don’t lose your prey with the slightest sound. Also, read the installation manual before assembling the product. Sometimes it can be the method of installing the product that creases the noise. 

Step:-7 Budget & Cost

Your Budget For The Climbing Stick

Your budget also plays a vital role in deciding factors while investing in the best climbing stick. It should spree your next hunting. There are expensive brands that cost a fortune because of their brand reputation, but they are not necessarily the best in the market. 

Durable steel costs a lot more than other metals, but it is much durable than others as well. Multiple brands in the market provide better results and features than the reputed ones and cost less. 

While investing in the right climbing stick, ensure that they are worth the bucks. If a product is a utility, then you must not mind shelling out extra cash as it can last long. But still, it is essential to consider how deep you want to get into your pocket. 

Step:-7 Color

Green and gray shade palettes are the primary colors for climbing sticks. Choose the one with camouflaged colors and metal parts. It must blend with the color of the tree. 

Step:-8 Versatile Attachment

Good climbing sticks must have versatile attachments. They can be anything like the V – brackets, etc. you must be able to attach your product to a wide range of trees. 

Step:-9 Long-lasting

Material That Is Long Lasting

Like with anything, you must invest in a climbing stick that does not fall apart in just a few months. The tool must be long-lasting and durable. You will be exposing it to hard climates changing temperature and frequent use. They are also environmentally friendly, unlike other tools, these sticks do not include metal screws to secure to a tree. They just have teeth grips that don’t cause much damage to the tree. 

Which to buy? Lightweight climbing sticks or heavy climbing sticks

For some people, the choice of which climbing sticks to buy might come down to the amount of weight they wish to carry. We can immediately see that the lightest options available like the Lone Wolf and Muddy Pro climbing stick

Whether you are a hunter or a trekker, great tools come in handy while going through the forest. The best climbing stick can make tree climbing so much easier. If you have the right tool, every adventure or hunting can become safe and unforgettable

Frequently Ask Questions:-

1. How high I can get with a climbing stick?

Usually, most of these sticks will help you to get high as 15 to 16 feet. You can also reach up to the height of 24 to 25 feet. 

2. Are climbing sticks safe to use?

Climbing trees is a risky task. That is why safety while climbing up and down from a tree is very essential. As long as you follow the instructions and take proper safety measures you can save yourself from falls and accidental injuries. 

3. Which is better, dual or double-sided steps climbing stick?

Dual-sided steps offer you a lot of balance and stability. They make sure that both your feet are at a similar level at each step so that you can move further carefully. 

One-sided steps are unsafe considering the huge gap between every step. Dual-sided steps are highly recommended for much more comfortable and safe climbing. 

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