Food is the most essential thing you need to pack in your hunting backpack. There are people who plan and track everything they eat.  


But I prefer planned and healthy meals that can keep me out of hunger for long hours. You need at least 2,500 to 3,000 calories per day to be energetic.

 If you are confused about what to pack, then this blog post is definitely a game-changer! All these are approved by professional hunters and I have also mentioned the calorie intake on specific foot products as well.

List Of 20 Best Food To Take Hunting


1. Bananas & Apples

Bananas & Apples

As you know bananas are loaded with vitamins and potassium and apples are a powerhouse of vitamin C. These are superfoods for hunters and can provide that needed energy when in emergencies. You don’t have to chop, just peel and eat!

As you know bananas are loaded with vitamins and potassium and apples are a powerhouse of vitamin C. These are superfoods for hunters and can provide that needed energy when in emergencies. You don’t have to chop, just peel and eat!

  • Calories In a Banana:- 89/per fruit 
  • Calories in Apples:- 52/per fruit

2. P & B Jelly Sandwich

P & B Jelly Sandwich

You know that peanut butter is a healthy fat and can fuel your energy swiftly. You don’t have to carry them in jars instead pack them in foil or weightless containers. 

  • Calories:- 350/per slice 
  • Protein:- 12 grams 
  • Sugar:- 18 grams

3. Granola Bars

Granola Bars

Protein bars or granola bars can keep you energetic for long hours. If you have a sweet tooth, then this will definitely satisfy your craving in the middle of the woods.

These can also enhance your mood and make you feel focused and relaxed. Granola bars are also rich in fiber as well.

Just throw a few of these in your hunting backpack and you are ready to go. These are pocket-friendly as well and also available in sugar-free versions.

  • Calories:- 300 
  • Protein:- 10 grams 
  • Fiber:- 7 grams

(These figures might vary depending upon the brand; make sure to read the package to get the exact information)

4. Nuts


You can take walnuts, cashews, peanuts, and sunflower seeds for hunting, these are calorie-dense and high in Omega 3 fatty acids as well. Mix all together in equal portions and carry!

  • Calories:- 160 to 185 per ounce
  • Protein:- 20 grams 

5. Freeze-Dried Meal

Freeze-Dried Meal

For an intense hunt, you need the right amount of calories! Freeze-dried meals are available in a wide range of meal options that need to be boiled in a small amount of water. Some of these are lasagna, Mac and cheese, spaghetti, and others. 

  • Calories:- 500 to 900 
  • Protein:- 15 grams to 40 grams 
  • Fiber:- 3 grams to 35 grams 

6. Crackers


For a light snack to fuel your crabs crackers are an excellent choice. 

  • Calories:- 504/100 grams 
  • Protein:- 7grams 

7. Bagels


Carry a mini bag of bagels just to munch on to keep your energy levels high. You definitely need carbohydrates to keep you stable while hunting and this can provide you with that. 

  • Calories:- 250/100 grams
  • Protein:- 10 grams/100 grams

8. Dried Fruits

Dried Fruits

To maintain your sugar level, dried fruits or dehydrated fruits are a must to have. There are apples, mangoes, pears, and others available. 

  • Calories:- 350/100 grams 
  • Protein:- 1 gram/100 grams 
  • Sugar:- 58 grams / 100 grams 

9. Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese

Mac and Cheese is also an excellent option to consider as they give you so much for crabs needed for the day. 

  • Calories:- 164/100 grams 
  • Protein:- 7 grams 

10. Cup Noodles

Cup Noodles

If you have more space in your backpack, then consider packing cup noodles o ramen. They can make you full and can keep your energy high which is what you want in the woods.

  • Calories:- 221 per cup 
  • Protein:- 7 grams

11. Sports Drink

Sports Drink

Sports drink or not just for the sportsmen! Hunter can also devour it as it might have high caffeine or electrolyte content to keep you energetic. Keep sipping throughout the day instead of water!

  • Calories:- 11 per 100 grams 
  • Protein:- Nil 

12. Snicker Bar

Snicker Bar

Chocolate covered in peanuts can also keep you energetic by busting your hunger and satisfying your cravings. Just a few of these on your backpack can really mean a lot!

  • Calories:- 488
  • Protein:- 7 grams 

13. Meat & Cheese Sticks

Meat & Cheese Sticks

These are perfect snacks to carry for hunting; these are low in fat and high in protein. Available in various flavors and some of these are available in lean meat as well.

  • Calories:- less than 100 
  • Crabs:- 2 grams 
  • Protein:- 26 grams per 100 grams

14. Jerky


These are thin meats that are dehydrated to prevent decay. Jerky can give you a lot of energy as this contains more calories. 

  • Calories:- 410 / 100 grams 
  • Protein:- 33 grams 

15. Tuna Pouches

Tuna Pouches

These are designed to save space and are loaded with protein and healthy fat. Though this does not have carbohydrates or fiber yet can be the ultimate meal option for hunting. 

  • Calories:- 145 
  • Protein:- 26.77 grams 
  • Fat:- 4 grams 

16. Powdered Lemonade

Powdered Lemonade

If the sun is scoring high then you must definitely do something refreshing. Powered lemonade comes in small packets with no artificial flavors. Quench the thirst with these to feel refreshed!

  • Calories:- 100/per serving 
  • Protein:- Nil 
  • Sugar:- Refer to the brand you purchase

17. Hot Cocoa

Hot Cocoa

Also, a drink to keep you refreshed and warm! If the climate is chilly then you must have something to keep you warm. Hot cocoa is also a healthier option to consider.

  • Calories:- 77 
  • Protein:- 3.5 grams 

18. Soup Packets

Soup Packets

To sort dinner soup comes to the rescue. The soup packet is also calorie-rich and comes with small chunks of veggies in it. 

  • Calories:- 77/20 grams 
  • Protein:- Depends on the brand 

19. Oat Meal

Oat Meal

For a healthy dinner, Oatmeal comes in handy! These are available in easy-to-carry or travel pouches and all you need to do is add warm water and it’s ready in a jiffy!

  • Calories:- 68 per 100 grams 
  • Protein:- 2.4 grams

20. Sausage


A great alternative to jerky, there is a wide range of these available in various flavors as well. The softer and less dry one is the German-style sausage preferred for hunting and it is an excellent source of fat and protein

  • Calories:- 200 per serving
  • Fat:- 14 grams per serving 

Frequently Ask Questions

1. What food do I have to carry for hunting?

Choose the ones that are high in calories and nutrients. You need to measure that before packing your backpack! Also, remember to choose the ones that are easy to carry and open as well. 

2. How to keep me fueled in the woods?

As hunting is a physically demanding task you need to fuel your body when it signals you. If not you might end up with some other critical situations. I have listed the top foods to carry to help you stay healthy in the field.



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