Hunters have been using tree stands for a long time. Tree stands give hunters an elevated position to detect game animals and prepare for a safe kill in advance. When hunters shoot from a downgrade angle,  there are more chances of clean kill even from a long range. Moreover, tree stands don’t let bushes and other obstacles block the view from 8 to 16 feet height above the ground

How To Set Up Tree Stand

Setting up a tree stand is something that requires a lot of time and patience, especially when you are new to it. These days modern portable tree stands are making a huge difference by being more advanced and user-friendly. However, you still need to follow certain instructions considering the type of tree stand you use. In this guide, we are going to explain how to set up a tree stand without wasting your extra time and energy. If you read this complete guide, you will be able to put up a tree stand by yourself.

How To Put Up A Tree Stand By Yourself

Types Of Tree Stands:-

Before moving forward, let us know 3 major types of tree stands, hang on, climbing, and ladder. We will discuss them in detail one by one:

1. Hang On Tree Stand

How To Set Up Hang On Tree Stand

Hang-on treestands have become very popular in the past few years. It usually costs between $100 to $200. You can hang them and leave them to hunt for an entire season. These are best for an area where a lot of deer movements happen. The best thing about the hang-on tree stand is, that you can place it on any tree ranging from small to large diameter. However, you need a tree that is fairly straight with fewer limbs, otherwise, concealment won’t be very effective

2. Climbing Tree Stand

How To Set up Climbing Tree Stand

This is the most compact form of a tree stand that eliminates the need to carry sticks and ladders. Bowhunters love the climbing tree stand, as it is packable, lightweight, and easy to set up. You can lock the seat of the climber tree stand in the tree and lift your legs to raise the platform while climbing. However, it is limited to specific trees that have a completely straight posture

3. Ladder Tree Stand

How To Set Up Ladder Tree Stand

The ladder tree stands are safer and easier the climb design of tree stands. These are more stable and spacious to carry other accessories along to the platform. Moreover, ladder tree stands are less prone to a fall as they have a broad platform and safe ladders to climb. However, these are pretty much heavy for transportation and setting up, so you may need an extra helping hand to set this up.

1. How To Set Up Hang On Tree Stand

Lock-on or hang-on tree stands are available in the market in bulk both online and in sporting goods stores. Select the one that fits your budget and requirements. Once it arrives, and you take it to the hunting field, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Finding The Right Tree

This type of stand can fit a variety of tree diameters from small to large. However, we will recommend you find a tree at least 8 inches in diameter. A tree with a few limbs will also work fine with this tree stand.

Step 2. Arrange Climbing sticks

You get 3 to 4 climbing sticks along with a hang-on tree stand. So make sure you buy a hang-on tree stand with climbing sticks. If they are not included, you have to buy them separately, which will cost more.

Climbing Sticks for hang on Tree Stand
  • Take out the first climbing stick and tie it tightly above 3 to 4 feet from the ground with the help of a buckle strap. Consider your height and comfort when you will be placing your first step.
  • Take out the second climbing stick, and tie it above the first one keeping a few inches difference between both. Before doing that, put a rope, or any safety belt around the tree then your back using carabiners, so you stay safe from falling.
  • Get the third climbing stick, and arrange it above the second one. If this height is not enough for you, you can add more climbing sticks on and on. 

Step 3.  Set Up The Tree Stand

Carry the tree stand on your shoulders along with the last climbing stick to save some time. It is recommended to set up the stand platform right around the last step of your climbing stick.

  • Start with a top strap, tie the stand around the tree tightly.
  • Now tie the bottom strap in a way that avoids the remaining part of the strap from flipping in the air.
  • Take the tree strap, put it around the tree, and tie it with your safety harness system. (Make sure you wear a safety harness in case you miss any step).
  • Don’t keep the tree strap too tight or loose to maintain comfort during the standing shots

Step 4. Start Hunting

Now you are all set to hunt. Sit on the tree stand along with your rifle, bow or your preferred gun. Make sure you are quiet so the game doesn’t run away.

2. How To Set Up Climbing Tree Stand

You don’t get a bundle of accessories along with this tree stand. These are lightweight and super easy to carry on the shoulders. After reaching an optimum hunting location with your climbing tree stand, follow the given simple steps:

Step 1. Pick The Right Tree

You need at least a 9-inch diameter tree without shagbarks so that tree straps don’t get caught to spoil your time. The tree must be completely smooth and straight in shape

Step 2. Attach The foot platform

  • The foot part comes separately and can be attached to the tree with a wire cable.
  • Put the cable around the tree and lock it with the help of a cable-locking pin.
  • Make sure you place the platform in a downward direction, because the higher you go, the thinner a tree will become.

Step 3. Attach The Seating Part

  • You can do it the same way as you adjusted the foot part using the cable. Climb on the foot part and make sure the seating section is tied properly.
  • Now sit on the support bar of the seat to check if the seat is stable.

Step 4. Climb Up The tree

  • Wear the safety harness and tree strap to make sure you stay safe before climbing.
  • Put the foot strap on the platform into your feet, hold the supporting bars attached to the seat, and pull up the platform using your feet.
  • When you are ascending, pull the platform and seating part at a downward angle and then place them straight.
  • Repeat the process till you reach the desired height on a tree. 

Step 5. Take your Position To Hunt

Don’t forget to carry your gun or bow along. It is a bit difficult to climb up and down multiple times using a climbing tree stand so make sure you carry everything you need on that height

How to get down from a climber tree stand?

When you are climbing down from this type of tree stand, sit on the platform and locate the seating part downwards first. Then hold the supporting bars and take the platform down. It is recommended to not make a hurry while climbing up or down to avoid any mishap.

3. How To Set Up Ladder Tree Stand

The carrying ladder tree stand is a bit bulky due to ladders and other equipment. You may need 2 or 3 people to set up the 2 man ladder tree stand safely. For one man ladder stand, you still need an extra hand. Also, set it up at a place where you are confident about not getting robbed when you leave it.

Step 1. Finding A Perfect Tree

The ladder tree stand can fit a tree 9 inches in diameter or more. A small band won’t affect the stability. However, we will suggest finding a straight tree so everything feels aligned.

Step 2. Assemble The Tree Stand

It delivers with all parts that look disassembled. Add the seat part to the platform, and then attach optional shooting rails using locking pins and bolts. You can also follow the instructions given in the user manual of your ladder tree stand. 

Step 3. Arrange & Fix The Ladders

  • A ladder tree stand usually comes with 3 ladder sections that attach with nut bolts
  • These all are of the same size in maximum cases, so you need not be worried about which section will come first.
  • Attach all the ladders and tree stands with the locking pins and bolts.

Step 4. Pull and set up the tree stand

  • To put up a ladder tree stand, one person needs to hold the foot of the ladder, the second to stabilize the stand, and the third person to secure it at the top
  • Keep a safety tie rope attached to the stability bar even before you set up the foot on the stand.
  • Keep the third person ready to stabilize the tree stand from the top. You need to wear a safety harness to safely climb a ladder stand.
  • Initially, use the criss-cross ropes when hanging the tree stand.
  • Bring the stand closer to the tree and ratchet it tightly.
  • Now the third person will climb up after attaching a climbing rope and wearing a safety harness to ratchet the top part with a strap.

Step 5. Take Your Hunting Position On The Stand

You can hunt using a gun or bow on a ladder or tree stand. It allows you to climb up and down several times because of ladders. Use the shooting rail if you hunt with a rifle or shotgun.  


Above we guided you about how to set up all three types of tree stands. We hope all of your confusion is clear about the tree stand setup process and you are ready to bang. We suggest you always wear a safety harness while you are on a tree stand because a small mistake can cost you a lifetime. If you still have any questions, ask us in the comment section, and we will be happy to answer your query. Don’t forget to share your experience of setting up a tree stand with us.


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