When is Deer Hunting Season in Michigan 2024

Michigan is the famous hunting hub of Indiana. The city provides policies like the Hunting Access Program (HAP) and Hunters Helping Landowners Program that allow the hunters to hunt around the private and public areas in the city. Due to the abundance of deer in the area, it becomes the best target to chase and shoot. Michigan’s deer population count is extremely high. This makes the government allow the citizen to observe different times of killing every year. 

Deer Hunting Season in Michigan

Recent reports showed the population of deer is 2 million in the city. To have a good killing session, you must be aware of the time and the season in which the deers are out. Here is the information about the best seasons that will help you have a great deer hunting experience. 

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Best Season to Hunt Deer in Michigan 

All around the state, deer hunting season begins in September. Liberty hunts are the first on the line. It starts on 11th September and continues for two days

Then comes the Early Antlerless, Firearms season. This season is dated September 18-19 every year. The independence hunt also continues during this period, from 14th October to 17.

From the beginning of the month of October, the Archery season starts, and it continues till the next month’s 14th day. After that comes the Regular Firearm Season, the most celebrated season. It starts on 15th November and continues till the month’s end. The Archery Season again starts from the beginning of December and lasts till 1st January

Muzzleloader season is the next, and it continues simultaneously with the Regular Firearm Season. It starts on the 3rd of December and ends on the 12th of the same month. The end of hunting season begins with the Late Antlerless Firearm season. This last season starts on 13th December and ends on 1st January. When you know the right time of the seasons, hunting becomes easy. 

Quick Review For Deer Hunting Season In Michigan

Deer Hunting Season Bag Limit Region/ Area Specific Season Dates
Liberty Hunt Only 1 animal to harvest per hunter Statewide on private and public lands September 10th – 11th
Early Antlerless Firearm Only one animal to harvest per tag Private lands only (with permission of the landowners or leaseholders) September 17th and 18th
Independence Hunt Only 1 animal to harvest per hunter Private lands + Public lands (with permission of the local officials) October 13th – 16th
Archery Only one animal to harvest per tag All around the state October 1st – November 13thAndDecember 1st – January 1st
Regular Firearm Only one animal to harvest per tag All around the state November 15th – 30th
Muzzleloader Only one animal to harvest per tag All around the state December 2nd – 11th
Late Antlerless Firearm Only one animal to harvest per tag Private lands only (with permission of the landowners or leaseholders)  December 12th – January 1st

Frequently Ask Questions

1. Can you use the Equipment for Archery in the season Firearms? 

Yes, The equipment you use during the Archery season can also be used during the Firearm season. The same equipment won’t cause any trouble. But you must keep in mind to add orange clothing as it is essential, according to the regulations of the season.

2. What equipment is required to hunt in Muzzleloader Season?

During this season, you can kill with only Crossbow, Muzzleloading rifle, Muzzleloading shotgun, or Black-powder pistol. The guns must be loaded with black powder as per guidelines. 

3. Can you use food plots as a trap for deer?

Yes, you can construct food plots on private land but not in public regions. The food plots are naturally constructed through agriculture that attracts the deer.

4. What are the restrictions and regulations on moving deer after harvesting?

The regulation of moving deer after the harvest varies depending on the place. You can move it, but it should be checked whether the area permits it.

5. Is it allowed to use Firearms in Archery Season?

No, during the Archery season, the hunters are prohibited from using pistols or firearms. There are set rules and conditions that may allow the use only to some eligible individuals.


Michigan is a well-known place for hunting. The people there can get a license for it and hunt in both private and public areas. As a large part of the population is involved in hunting, there are seasons for hunting specific breeds of deer. These seasons start in September and end in December. There are the months when the youth and people with disabilities license get the license to hunt. It is a great time for the hunter to hunt around and enjoy their killings.


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