List Of 33 Deer Hunting Gear Checklist 2024

Are you heading out for the deer hunting season? It might be difficult to remember everything you need to take before going out for a hunt. 

According to Hunter Education Association, the USA suffers from 1,000 hunting accidents each year. Nearly 100 of these are fatal. And around 50% of them happen due to the lack of appropriate deer hunting gear. We bet you don’t want to be one of them. For that to happen, check out the list we’ve arranged in descending order. It’s a complete guide gear checklist to ensure you return home safely. 

List of 33 Deer Hunting Gear Checklist

1. Camouflage Apparels

Camouflage Apparels

Deer Hunters should always focus on their clothing first. There are 3 layers that you have to put on. The base layer will include tops and bottoms, and the middle layer will have an upper top and pants. The upper layer will have a Coat or Jacket and pants or bibs. Along with it, put on an orange dress as it is a regulation in some seasons. You can add hats and jackets of the same color.

2.  Socks


A good pair of socks gives you an upper hand during hunting. Get insulated heavy socks to wear under your boots. Usually, hunters prefer wool socks. Choose socks according to your boots’ insulation.

3. Hunting Boots

Hunting Boots

Hunting boots should be Heavy-duty boots that are waterproof as well as insulated. If water gets into your boots, your movements will slow down and also irritate you after some time. Waterproof boots will allow you to move freely in all types of trance, like near a lake or pond.

4. Winter Hats & Gloves

Winter Hats & Gloves

You no longer have to halt your hunting when the snow starts. Get strong and durable material gloves with a proper fit. It will help in having a better grip during the hunt. Ensure that you can work with guns while wearing gloves.

5. Firearm

You can not forget your Rifle while getting out to hunt deer. Choose the rifle that is best suited and comfortable for you to carry.


Carry the required ammunition that you need to have a proper killing session. You can carry different cartridges and scopes to help you focus on your target, along with the firearm case, which will help in the protection of your gun.

6. Bows & Their Accessories

These are essential equipment in the seasons that do not allow the use of guns. You can take Crossbow, Compound Bow, Recurve Bow, and LongBow for hunting deer. These bows will help you have a great hunting session.

Bows & Their Accessories

Your crossbow is of no use without an Arrow. Take a set of sharp and strong arrows. Good quality arrows will help in smooth killings. These days there are varieties of different-shaped arrows for a better hunting experience. Choose the one you prefer, and don’t forget to take a good amount of the set!

7. Binoculars


Binoculars always come in handy when it is about to peek into the area to search for deer and keep track of any movement made by them. Good quality binoculars can increase the range you are hunting. It also helps in getting familiar with the area to plan the hunt properly.

8. Rangefinder


When you are out on large fields and unable to estimate the proper distance from your target, this Rangefinder will come in handy there. These lightweight devices won’t take much space from your backpack but will be very helpful in estimating the length from where you can take a clear shot.

9. Hunting Licence & Tags

Hunting License

This License will permit you to hunt around the area. Take appropriate tags that will support your hunting in the area you are out to hunt, the animals you want to hunt, and the weapons you use for hunting. Without proper licenses and tags, it is illegal to hunt. You could be punished severely due to this.

10. Backpacks


Make sure to get a quality backpack that will be durable. The pack should have several compartments to carry different items. It is essential to carry a waterproof bag. In addition, the pack must be of quiet material so it won’t scare the deer away.

11. Field-dressing Kit

Field-dressing Kit

This is a major requirement after you have killed your deer. Field dressing of the deer is not possible with a regular knife. The dressing knife must be a minimum of 3 inches and should fold to keep it safe in your backpack. The knife must be sturdy and strong along with other accessories such as surgical gloves, etc.

12. Flashlight & Headlamp

Flashlight & Headlamp

During the dark hours in the woods, a flashlight or headlamp comes to the rescue. It will not just help you in hunting but also help you throughout the hunting trip. It will brighten your sight and keep you away from animals.

13. Map & GPS


Take a Map of the area you are visiting for the hunting trip. Without an internet connection, this is the way that will save you from getting lost. But, given the current scenario, the internet works in every nook and corner. It gives you access to GPS. And you can never go wrong with GPS.  

14. Tree Stand

Tree Stand

A tree stand is a raised platform that can help you hunt better. With this platform, you can get a long and clear vision of the area, which will help you notice a target far away.

15. Safety Harness & Rope

Safety Harness & Rope

This is must-have equipment that is required with a Tree stand. Get a strong safety harness that will give good protection. Attach the safety rope to the trees so that it can give support if you fall.

16. Ground Blind

Ground Blind

This is an optional gear for deer hunts. Get a realistic ground blind to have a close shot on your target. This will help you get camouflaged and won’t grab the attention of the prey deer.

17. Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bags

When you are in the middle of the woods at night, a sleeping bag is a must. It will help you stay protected on the dangerous grounds of the forest. Take a waterproof sleeping bag that will be helpful in rainy or damp areas.

18. Saw


This will come in handy on your hunting trip and help you in various ways. Carrying a saw will make clearing areas to set up tents and help as a Bone saw.

19. Scent Killer

Scent Killer

Deer can smell a different odor, preventing them from getting close to your hunting spot. This Scent killer is necessary to eliminate the odor and completely blend into the deer-friendly environment.

20. Deer Attractant

Deer Attractant

This plays a vital role while hunting deer. It comes in very handy. By using this Scent, deer all around the area will be attracted to Scent. The hunter can halt there with camouflage and wait for the deer to come. This deer attraction scent can help hunters get easy prey.

21. Quick Dry towel

Using a quick dry towel in a hunt will save a lot of time. Hunting is a heavy physical task. It includes running, crawling, and rolling in the hard sun.

Quick Dry towel

Hunters also have to hunt around lakes and ponds, making them vulnerable to getting wet. The towel will be useful here, and it can dry in a very short period of time. You can use the towel again and again.

22. Hunting Face Mask

Hunting Facemask

Wearing fully camouflaged clothes is not enough. Deers can notice your face from a long distance. So it is very important to camouflage your face too. Stay low on the ground, and you will be completely invisible among the vegetation.

23. Battery & Charging Cables

You do not know how long it will take to get your prey. But your electronic equipment must be working continuously.

Battery & Charging Cables

Don’t forget to carry a charging cable, AA, and AAA types of batteries, as they can be used in every type of electronic device on your hunting trip. It will come in handy when your battery runs out from the flashlight, headlamp, or GPS. 

24. Trail Camera

Trail Camera

Hunters can use a Trail Camera to record the whole hunting experience. This will allow you to relive the moment of hunting you did. A trail camera can also provide a helping hand in your hunting. You can place the camera and use it for surveillance and observe the behavior of the deer. Tracking deer can become extremely easy with the help of a trail camera.

25. Deer Call

Deer Call

This is a device that produces different sounds. These sounds are similar to the sounds of female deer. Male bucks get attracted to the sound and give a perfect opportunity to the hunter. With this amazing equipment, you can make deer move places, or you can distract them. It becomes very useful to catch a tough target.

26. Deer Decoy 

Deer Decoy

A deer decoy is a fake replica of a deer. It will be highly essential if you are out deer hunting. You can use this deer decoy to get closer to the prey and hunt it with a close shot. Deer won’t realize the fake deer will try coming closer to them. Hunter halting at some distance can take advantage of this and easily get a clear shot of the deer and make the hunt more exciting.

27. Odorless Bug Spray

Odorless Bug Spray

This replicant bug spray will make your stay in the woods easier. Don’t forget to pack these if you are planning for a night hunt. This will prevent bugs from hovering over you. As it is unscented, it won’t be a distraction for the prey.

28. Food & Hydration Bladder

Food & Hydration Bladder

The whole hunting trip takes long hours. You have to wait for your prey and can not move around. In situations like these, food and the hydration bladder come as a savior. With this, you don’t have to go anywhere for food and water. You can conveniently carry these in your backpack. This will reduce your movement and won’t be a task anymore.

29. Rainwear


Don’t forget to take your rainwear! During heavy rainfall, rainwear will come as a great essential. Carry this, and you no longer have to worry about the rain showers while you are in the middle of the hunt. Take rainwear of good quality, leak-proof material.

30. Hanging Deer Hoist

Hanging Deer Hoist

A deer hoist is required after hunting the deer. This is used to hang deer on different surfaces. It gives a perfect arrangement to cut the deer and clean them.

31. Shooting Mat

Shooting Mat

This optional equipment gives a lot of support while shooting on the ground. This mat will provide a grip and be a convenient surface to shoot. Get a padded, premium-quality shooting mat, and there will be no worry about grassy, rocky surfaces.

32. Hunting Gaiters

Hunting Gaiters

This clothing material will protect your lower leg from getting dirty. We bet you don’t want to ruin your expensive hunting boots so easily. Use the hunting gaiters to prevent mud, dust, snow, and water from entering your boots. It will not just keep your legs dry but also save you from wet socks!

33. First Aid Kit

You never know what may happen to you during hunting. A First Aid kit can save your life in worse situations. It must contain antiseptic liquid, cotton, gauge clothes, painkillers, scissors, and many more. These things are highly valuable and necessary in all hunting expeditions.

Frequently Ask Question

1. Do I still need to take the firearm education course if I have a pistol permit? 

Yes, firearm education courses are mandatory for all hunters to carry out hunting safely and securely.

2. How am I eligible for a bowhunting permit?

To be eligible for a bowhunting permit, you have to provide evidence of completion of any bowhunting course from any place in the world since 2002. Your certificates must specify your education in bowhunting.

3. Is an NRA certificate prior to 1982 enough to get a hunting Licence?

No. The certificate prior to 1982 will not be considered as it won’t match current international standards. 

4. Is it allowed to accompany others in a hunt without participating in it?

Yes. It is allowed. If you are not engaged in any hunting activity or actions, you won’t even need a hunting Licence just to be present there. 

5. Do I need a youth license if I have bought a junior hunting license for this calendar year and I turned 16 in the middle of this year? 

No, if you have a junior license, you are no longer required to have another license. Even if you are at the age of 16, you can hunt along with a junior license. 


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