18 Coyotes Hunting Gear Checklist 2024

Coyote hunting is difficult, requiring hunters to carry a bunch of gear to avoid mishaps and troubles. There is a long list of items to take, and it is a tough task to remember everything you need. A single missing gear may put you in great trouble.

Don’t worry; we have got you covered! Here is a complete list of essentials that you will need to have a fulfilling killing experience without any hassle. The list is arranged in descending order to help you figure out what gear is your top-most priority. 

1. Coyote Decoys

Coyote Decoys

Coyotes are an extremely conscious species. Decoys become extremely helpful when it comes to hunting coyotes.

Take a decoy with a realistic design and place it in a place where the coyote will notice it. They are likely to attack or charge upon the decoy, too, so keep yourself at a distance.

2. Electronic Coyotes Call 

Electronic Coyotes Call

This is a highly efficient device that hunters can use to distract Coyotes. This gadget can also help with setting a target. These electronic coyotes’ call devices can be placed where hunters can set their targets. It produces different sounds that attract coyotes to it. Hunters can lock their target from a distance with camouflage and can get a clear shot. 

3. Coyote Hunting Lights 

Coyote Hunting Lights

Hunters have to carry a hunting light as coyotes are out when it is night. You won’t have any other light source while hunting in open lands at night. Coyote hunting lights will assist you in your hunting experience and help you find coyotes in the dark

4. Night Vision Riflescope

Night Vision Riflescope

It is rarely seen; you come across a coyote during the day. This makes it difficult for hunters to hunt coyotes. Using this scope, hunters can have a clear sight during the night. It will increase night vision as well as shooting accuracy. That’s why it is highly essential to carry the right night vision Riflescope when you are in pursuit of Coyotes. 

5. Thermal Monocular

Thermal Monocular

This is an important device to detect thermal temperature and take thermal images and videos. During nights, when there is no visibility, this thermal monocular helps you locate the position of a coyote in the dark

It is designed so that it fits with one hand of the hunter. Due to this, you can detect coyotes and target them with rifles the other hand. 

6. Rifle With Suppressor (AR-15 & Ruger) 

Rifles are the most important part of the hunting experience. Your hunting experience will depend on the selection of your gun. 

Rifle With Suppressor

As coyotes are fast animals, the best recommendation is semi-automatic rifles. But it completely depends on the hunter’s compatibility and preference to choose the best gun for himself. AR-15 & Ruger are the most used guns attached with suppressors to hunt coyotes.  

Suppressors are also very useful as they protect your ears from damage by the gun sound. By using suppressors, the animals won’t be able to know about the gunshot and will prevent them from running here and there. It will also restrict the sound from disturbing your fellow hunters. 

7. Camouflage 

Camouflage is an essential part of hunting. By being camouflaged, the coyotes will not be able to differentiate between the terrain and you. 

Camouflage Apparels

While selecting a camouflage, you must consider visiting the hunting area, taking pictures of the land, and selecting the perfect camouflage for yourself. 

It is winter during the coyote hunting season. The bright colors of nature have already faded. Hence the camouflage you select must not be colorful and should be similar to the hunting area. 

8. Coyotes Lures/Scents

Coyotes Scents

Coyotes’ Lures and scents are used to attract coyotes towards it and hunt them with more accuracy. It decreases your wait for coyotes during hunting. You can hunt very easily as the coyotes will follow the scent and reach where you can halt and wait. 

9. Rifle Bipods or Tripod

Rifle Bipods

Bipods or tripods are used for the sharp shooting experience while hunting coyotes. This pair of legs for your gun will increase your gun’s stability. It decreases the recoil and increases the accuracy of hitting the target. 

10. Backpack With Rifle Case

Backpack With Rifle Case

When you are out for a hunting trip, you must carry a lot of stuff. To keep it all organized, you need to take a backpack with a big volume and different partitions to organize your stuff. 

It is an advantage for the hunters if their bag has a rifle case too. They don’t have to carry a separate rifle case. It will keep your rifle safe and protected. 

11. Night Vision Binoculars with Harness

Night Vision Binoculars

When it comes to hunting for coyotes, you have to carry night-vision binoculars. The Coyote hunting period is mostly at night. Night vision binoculars will help you keep an eye around the hunting area during the night. 

It would be best if you took binoculars with a harness. The harness will keep the binoculars hanging close to your body. It will provide easy and fast accessibility to the binoculars whenever required. 

12. Food & Water

Hunting is not just an activity that is completed in a moment. You have to wait a long time for the coyotes to appear. Without food and water, it is impossible to imagine hunting coyotes.

You must carry high-energy food that you can eat quickly and gain an immense amount of power. Also, carry water bags to store a lot of water conveniently. 

13. Hunting Boots

Boots are essential when it comes to hunting. It would help if you got highly insulated, heavy-duty boots to help you trek the snowy mountains during your coyote hunt. Make sure your boots have a good grip and a strong sole that will give you comfort while walking or running on rocky surfaces.

Hunting Boots

My go-to hunting boots are TIDEWE rubber boots. It comes with insulation and a warm Fleece lining that keeps my feet warm in cold weather. These are my favorite now; I always wear them on mountain hunting trips.

14. Double Coyote Drag

Double Coyote Drag

While hunting predators, it is very important to carry the drag that will be used to move the dead coyote. Getting the double drag with two paracords will make it easier to carry the animal. You can tie a slip knot and tighten it around the canine teeth of the coyote. This will be easy and quick.

15. Wind detector

Wind detector

A Windicator is an essential device you need to carry on your hunting trip. Coyotes are known for their capability of catching their prey from their scent. This device will help you keep your scent away from coyotes’ smelling sense by staying low.

 You have to check the direction of the wind and make sure to check it to notice the change in direction regularly. Using it properly, you can surely have a good shoot without letting the coyote smell you.

16. Cushion Seat

Cushion Seat

Waiting for your prey, Coyotes can take long hours. It requires you to settle down and keep an eye on the area. Sitting on a rocky surface will be extremely uncomfortable and tiring. This is when you need a cushioned seat!

Get a lightweight, portable cushion seat that can not only give you the comfort of sitting but will also store your gear. This seat will help you relax throughout the waiting process, and you can get into motion instantly.

17. Rainwear


Coyotes are mostly hunted during the winter season. There is a very high chance of heavy snowfall around the area. To keep yourself dry in the wet and cold snow, it is essential to carry Rainwear with you. Keep a leakproof and well-stitched raincoat with pants and a hat that will protect you completely from moisture.

18. Batteries

SLONIK 1000 Lumen Rechargeable Battery

Carry a case of batteries, and you will never run out of power. Get a set of spare batteries with extras for your lights, electric calls, indicators, and other electronic devices. These batteries will be of great help in your hunting session.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. Day or night, which is the best time to hunt?

The best time to hunt may differ; it completely depends upon the weather. If the weather is changing, that may be the most appropriate time when the coyotes come out. 

2. Where can you find coyotes?

Coyotes can be found in various areas, like mountains, rolling plains, different farmlands, and extreme wooded areas. Try to find their trails on different paths, and you can easily find them.

3. Which is the best target part to shoot a coyote?

Study the approaching coyote notice its front leg and take a shot.  Their lungs and heart are the most effective places where you can target to kill it at once.

4. What should be used to hunt a coyote, shotgun, or rifle?

It completely depends upon you. You can take your shot from a long distance by using a rifle. On the other hand, you can also take close shots by calling them close by using coyote calls. Shotguns can be used for closer range.

5. Is it challenging to hunt a Coyote?

Coyotes are extremely conscious and cunning animals. They have sharp eyes and can notice small movements. They are fast and can sense their surroundings, which is very challenging. You must be prepared and alert while hunting them.

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