6 Best Rifle Bipods 2024: Steady Surface For Shooting

Rifle bipods offer a steady surface to hold up the front end of your gun, which provides you enhanced accuracy and you can hit targets that are far away. 

Best Rifle Bipods

You must pick the one that combines with the base height and that is larger than the scope height. This ensures that the rifle barrel does not end up hitting the scope.

Overview Of 6 Best Rifle Bipods

1. CVLIFE Rifle Bipod

2. Caldwell XLA Rifle Bipod

3. BESTSIGHT Rifle Bipods

4. UTG Recon Flex Rifle Bipods

5. Pinty Tactical Rifle Bipods

6. Zeadio Carbon Rifle Bipods

1. CVLIFE Rifle Bipods

Why You Choose This Rifle Bipods

  • Adapter:- Equipped with a Picatinny adapter that will fit onto a Picatinny rail on the forearm of the rifle well. CVLIFE Tactical Rifle Bipods
  • Mount Tension Screw:- This bipod comes with an ungraded mount tension screw which comes with strong strength and has deep threads to hold tension.CVLIFE Tactical Rifle Bipod With Mount Tension Screw
  • Foldable:- The bipod is built with foldable legs and they are not tightened which enables silent operation when hunting. 
  • Leg Length:- Comes with 5 inches notches that allow you to extend up to 9 inches and lock the legs to any of the notches you want by just pressing a button. CVLIFE Tactical Rifle Bipods With 5 to 9 Inches
  • Durable:- As the bipod is built with strong aircraft aluminum, the gear features a non-rusting black anodized finish. They are light in weight and built to last for years.


  • Easy to attach to your rifle
  • Solid build with great adjustments
  • Picatinny adapter for quick attach or detach


  • Does not feel sturdy
  • No spring action to bring the legs back in

Since this gear become essential for your rifle, CVLIFE has been striving hard to ensure their buyers have an excellent experience. The efforts are evident in the popular life of bipods. This specific one allows you to rest your rifle on the ground and other shooting surfaces. They lessen fatigue and raise your accuracy and stability. Also, they can do much more than you imagine!

Like other products from the brand, this one also comes with unique features that take your shooting games to the next level. This bipod comes with an upgraded mount screw tension. Which is categorized by deep enough threads for top-level tension. Your shooting task becomes simpler with the CVLIFE tactical rifle bipods. 

If you are looking for a bipod that can withstand the entire weight of your rifle for lifelong without showing signs of weakness. Then CVLIFE must be your choice! It is built with aluminum alloy 7075 which can provide great stability. Besides, the weight is super light, so the product doesn’t add unwanted weight to your rifles. Also, this bipod comes with a rustproof black anodized finish that allows it to resist all sorts of corrosion and tear. This can expand the life of the product. 

This specific model also comes with an extendable leg design. These are crafted like that have 5-notches which means that five bipod height settings. You can extend it from six to nine inches to get the comfiest shooting position. With just a push of a button, you can extend this to the height you want. Apart from the ability to extend, you can also find it easily when not in use for that extra convenience. 

2. Caldwell XLA Rifle Bipods

Why You Choose This Rifle Bipods

  • Accuracy:- Notches are situated on the legs for easy and hassle-free indexing and 18-degree bi-directional cant.Caldwell XLA Rifle Bipod With 18-degree bi-directional cant
  • Easy to Use:- The foldable legs are easy to transport and will immediately spring out with just a push of the button and the bipod mounts well on the forend sling stud.
  • Lightweight:- The gear is easy to use and weighs light. The aluminum legs and slim body helps in easy movement. 
  • Pivot Model:- The chances of a perfect shot occurring while on level ground are slim to none. This specific model is an excellent option for hunting situations or when the ground is not level.Caldwell XLA Rifle Bipod With Pivot Model
  • Safe & Secure:- There are also rubber feet that help with instability and a non-marring padded base for forend protection. 
  • Easy Attachment:- The bipod can get attached to any firearm easily with the help sling swivel stud. 


  • Attaches easy, strong, stable, and secure
  • Best for target shooting or hunting
  • Low cost


  • The bolt might slide off to the side sometimes [/alert-success]

Cladwell has been ranked among the top brands when it comes to top-model bipods. They are known for making more than average gear that provides you with a stable shooting platform for almost all kinds of guns. Caldwell bipods come with an attractive price tag and never disappoint their buyers. It offers a suitable shooting platform that can easily attach to all kinds of rifles. Of course, this can be done with the help of a sling swivel stud. 

As the bipod is made from lightweight material which makes it easy to attach and detach. The light materials are heavy-duty to enhance the lifespan of the product. And what I like about this bipod is that it comes with a pivoting functionality to help you level your firearm precisely and ultimately fire the shot you want! This pivot model comes with an adjustable leg to offer you a high degree of accuracy. It can extend up to 27 inches

There is some soft rubber that has been added to it at the base of the legs. This ensures that the gear maintains a stable position on the ground which means it prevents the gear legs from slipping. There is also a connection point between the multi-section legs which enables you to bipod arms to easily fold by collapsing them. You can also carry it with your weapon attached to it. 

This product is made of strong aluminum material, which helps to withstand the recoil velocity of the rifle. The strong metal enables the bipod to remain strong for a long time. This specific model comes with a stable shooting platform which helps with inaccurate shots. This is also suitable for long-range shooting. The base of the gear is padded and offers you protection from your rifle’s forend. 

3. BESTSIGHT Rifle Bipods

Why You Choose This Rifle Bipods

  • Adjustable:- This rifle bipod is adjustable and foldable with adjustable height from six to nine inches. You can also fold the arms on the rifle for easy storage.BESTSIGHT Rifle Bipods With Adjustable Height
  • Spring Loaded:- Equipped with Spring that can be adjusted and comes with a posi-lock that can prevent tripping. BESTSIGHT Rifle Bipods Posi Lock
  • Rotating Disc:- There is also a rotating disc gear that reinforces the pipe with a flannelette pad inside. This can protect the pipe well.BESTSIGHT Rifle Bipods With Rotating Disc
  • Durable:- Top quality durable aluminum body, cloth pad protect barrel well. The main body is built with metal and it’s super durable. There is also a rubber sole for non-slip. The load-bearing part is filled with the right to prevent damage to the barrel. 


  • Sturdy and compact
  • Easy to extend and retract with one hand.
  • lightweight solid bipod
  • Very stable


  • Might be difficult to control the tilt with a pivot

If you are looking for a top-notch and affordable bipod, I highly suggest this gear from Bestsight. Despite being this affordable, the product is built using high-tech aluminum with strong rubber feet and a cloth-padded base. This helps your equipment scratch-less. The bipod comes with features with a unique dragon claw attachment, which can snuggle around your firearm’s barrel and is adjustable in a diameter of 11-19 mm for extra support. 

There is also a spring-loaded, depending on adjustable legs and these come with a posi-lock to prevent tripping. You can also fold this firearm for easy storage and transportation. The only downside of this is the lack of a Picatinny adapter, as it doesn’t have a pivoting function for leveling the gun on uneven surfaces. 

To lock the leg, you need to rotate the switch, the rotating spring will eject. If you face issues with the leg ejection, then pull the rubber pad on the leg. Then reset the spring and rotate it in the opposite direction. The rotating disc gear reinforces the pipe with a flannelette pad inside that can protect the pipes. 

4. UTG Recon Flex Rifle Bipods

Why You Choose This Rifle Bipods

  • Posi-Lock:- The Recon Flex bipod is equipped with a user-friendly bidirectional folding bipod leg with 5 posi-lock positions for firearms. UTG Recon Flex Rifle Bipods With 5 Posi-Lock Positions
  • Rubberized Feet:- The bipod’s feet come with rubberized feet which stabilize the shooting positions and enable you to take a steady target. 
  • Spring Loaded:- The comfort-friendly spring-loaded slide locking ring allows for effortless and fast deployment. UTG Recon Flex Rifle Bipods With Spring Loaded
  • M-Lok:- Attaches directly to M-Lok handguards at 3 and 9 o’clock positions. UTG Recon Flex Rifle Bipods M-Lok
  • Durable:- Built with a strong Aircraft Grade Aluminum body finished in a Matte Black Anodize. 


  • Allows to rotate each leg separately
  • Best for larger calibers shooting
  • Solid construction


  • Heavy
  • Bit of slop in adjustments 

The new UTG Recon Flex is the first that comes with two individual legs which enable direct attachment to the M-LOK handrest at three and nine o’clock positions. It also offers a clear lower rail. This bipod immediately deploys which means a solid shooting platform while lessening the bulk and overall weight. When compared to the other traditional-style models that might hang off the bottom of the handguard. 

The UTG is made of an aircraft aluminum body and it weighs less. It has a Matte Black Anodize body and is equipped with user-friendly bidirectional bipod legs. It also has fully adjustable legs with 5 expandable lengths that are flexible in-between positions and lockable through a thumbwheel. 

The rubberized feet grip various types of surfaces, which helps in shooting positions and allows you to shoot steady and on target. The UTG bipod comes with fully adjustable and lockable legs with a fast retraction feature which makes the clamp-on bipod a preferred choice for outdoor sports enthusiasts and shooters. 

Some of the featured accessories that come with the box are the user manual of the product, an extra screw set, and an Allen wrench 3/32”. The available models are 5.7 to 8.0 height range and 8.0 to 11.8 height range respectively.

5. Pinty Tactical Rifle Bipods

Why You Choose This Rifle Bipods

  • Adjustable:- The adjustable legs come with 5 settings that range from 6 and 9 inches. There are also shockproof top-quality rubber bases that can prevent skidding.Pinty Tactical Rifle Bipods With 5 to 9 Height
  • Steady Body:- Also has a black anodized hardened aluminum and steel. Offering a strong and sturdy platform for all sorts of Picatinny rail systems.
  • Picatinny Rail System:- Equipped with a standard Picatinny rail mount base that has a lightweight body that ensures steady replacement and long-lasting life.Pinty Tactical Rifle Bipods With Picatinny Rail System
  • Ease of Use:- This can quickly get attached or detached from a rifle by using a swivel stud that does not come with the pack. This bipod can also be used with folds up and slings while attached for quick transport. 


  • Superior toughness and corrosion resistance 
  • Has a fully rotating connection point for a quick pivot


  • Difficult attaching mechanism

This Bipod is designed to stabilize your firearms and enable you to rotate your weapon from side to side. The top-notch metal adaptor will offer steady support and offers you a next-level experience. The body is made of durable aluminum and has a black anodized finish that can withstand all weather conditions and is suitable for all-day wear and tear.

Like other models, these are integrated with a sling ring attached enabling you to mount the bipod and still use a rifle sling. The recoiled legs help in extension at just a push of a button and spring up for quick transport. The Picatinny design helps in offering a strong platform for all Picatinny rail systems.

Though the body is solid, it weighs just 12 oz and comes with hardened steel and aluminum. Leg height varies between 6 inches/152mm retracted; when extended it comes with 225mm fully extended. The box comes with a bipod, Allen Wrench, and an amount. I like how quickly you can attach or detach the rifle by using a swivel stud (not included). These are also designed to be used with fold-ups and slings while attached for easy transport.

6. Zeadio Carbon Rifle Bipods

Why You Choose This Rifle Bipods

  • Tiltable:- The Tiltable function allows you to tilt up to 20 degrees from side to side and compensate for the ground.Zeadio Carbon Rifle Bipods With 20 Degree Tiltable
  • Position Lock:- Unique Safety design that assured the position of the folding arms is completely locked.
  • Extendable Legs:- The Length of both legs can be adjusted for the best position. Legs length is 6-9 inches/15-23 cm.Zeadio Carbon Rifle Bipods With 5 to 9 Height
  • Pivoting:- This function enables you to rotate the gun in your desired direction. This helps in leveling your rifle when firing at a distance.


  • Sturdy attachment system
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Favored by varmint hunters


  • Adjustments and folding can be a little confusing initially

The Zeadio Carbon is made from Carbon fiber, stronger, lighter, and more durable. There is a pivoting and tiltable function that allows you to rotate the gun from side to side. There is also an extendable leg that can also be adjusted for the best position. The length of this is six-nine inches and 15-23 cm. The position lock guarantees that the folding arm is completely locked. You can tilt up to 20 degrees with the Zeadio.

This Bipod is hefty when compared to the other ones listed. It weighs 225 grams and comes with a built-in mount design. This is also perfect for hunting when the ground is not level. The pack comes with the main gear only. The body is made of steel and there is a hole in the front that can attach to the sling. The carbon fiber offers a unique look. It is also easy to mount and you can pay full price for it.

If you are planning to buy more for your hunting rigs, then the Zeadio is the right choice. It allows you to ensure that the rifle is level when firing at a distance.  

Frequently Ask Questions:-

1. How to choose a quality bipod?

There are loads of options out there when it comes to rifle bipods to choose from. It can make shooting so much easier and if you are a hunter then you must invest in a bipod.

2. How to attach a bipod to a rifle?

Firstly, detach the sling swivel from the front stud. Now loosen the screen on the side to release the tension from the bipod’s clamp. You need to place the clamp on the stud and secure it tightly. Put the sling swivel back and you are done.

3. Why do I have to place the bipod on hard surfaces?

Placing it on a hard surface lessens the fine adjustments on the rifle; so it is not recommended.

4. What is a loading bipod?

A loading bipod needs you to apply pressure to the rifle stock to control shooting. This configuration offers you more control but needs a top level of skill in the shot.

5. How to fold the bipod legs?

The most bipod comes with legs that face away from you. There are specific models that offer multi-directional staging. Mounting the legs facing you is less obtrusive but might also cause hand injuries when the bipod is closed.

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