13 Coyotes Hunting Tips & Tactics 2024

Coyotes are tough to hunt predators. Getting to kill some of these animals is a real success in hunting. It is not that troublesome if you understand and apply the tricks and tactics of hunting these sly creatures.

Coyotes Hunting Tips & Tactics

Before going on coyote killing, do your own research about the region, the behavior of coyotes, their timings of hunting, what is their native prey, etc. Also, take all the necessary gear that will help you hunt better. Here are some of the major tactics that will improve your hunting game, and you can hunt a bag full of coyotes!

1. Best Time Of The Year & Best Time Of The Day or Night 

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Going out hunting without analyzing the proper period of Coyotes’ movements is just a waste of time. It is very important to know when coyotes are out moving around and strategize your hunt beforehand.

During autumn, coyotes search for mates as they are ready for breeding. The coyotes enter a den during December, and this breeding season continues until the beginning of March. Baby pups are born, and then coyotes abandon the den and disappear. Analyzing this behavior of coyotes, it is best to start hunting during the winter. Also, during these times, the coyotes’ fur is of the best quality and is extremely thick. Hence it is best if you want to trade with coyote fur.

Hunting coyotes works best when it is early morning. Statistics have shown the most successful hunts happen during the crack of dawn. When the sun is out, coyotes won’t look for food. To withstand the heat, coyotes rest during midday time. After the sun sets, they start searching for food. Hence early morning and evening are the most appropriate times for hunters to get their hands on coyotes easily.

2. Coyotes Scouting

 Before setting up a base, it is extremely important to do scouting. Search the area and find the right place where the coyotes are around. You can find traces of coyotes in their bark, Howls, and Yips. Try to hear their sounds at dawn or dusk.

You can also ask the local farmhouses about the presence of coyotes. They know the area the best. Check all the private and public lands. The coyotes can mainly be found in areas that have small Birds, Mice, and Vermin. Check the River bottoms, Swamps, Fields, and Marshes; coyotes are there in abundance.

3. Check The Direction (Sun & Moon)

Check The Direction

To have a successful coyote hunting session, it is crucial to hunt at the right time. How to decide the best time for it? Check the sun and moon directions! During the day, the most appropriate time to hunt is in the transitional period. The early twilight hours of the day, when the sun is about to touch the horizon, is the best time. Both at the beginning of the day and the end of it, during dusk, you can find coyotes.

At night, the best time for killing is when the night is thick and dark. When the Owls, Hawks, and Eagles move around, that is the time coyotes come out too. At the time of the full moon, it is less likely to find coyotes, as there is too much brightness. You can hunt at the time of the waxing moon, as that is the period when the moon rises early and sets fast. The dark hours are longer than usual. In the East, the best time to hunt is at night. On the other hand, the day is the ideal time in the West.

4. Find The Right Place

Find The Right Place

Before going out for a hunting trip, you have gathered enough details about the area where the maximum number of coyotes are seen. You have to select the best area where you will get the best hunting experience by using this information.

When you reach the perfect area, you have to find the perfect place where you can halt. Halting is a highly important part of hunting. But after reaching the area to hunt, it became very difficult to search for a proper place to sit and place your set up. You must select an area that is a bit higher than the area. Due to this, you can easily keep an eye all over the area. Don’t sit in a low spot. Coyotes can notice you before you see them coming toward you. Try having back support like a tree or a raised platform near your halting place.

5. Right Setup For Coyotes

Make up your setup in the place where the coyotes lure frequently. It may be near a farmhouse with animals or a grazing field of cattle.

Suppose you are in a foreign land with no idea about the presence of any farmhouse. Then the best way to find your setup spot is by asking the locals or driving around the area. You will soon be able to notice some coyotes, and that can be the best spot for setup.

After deciding on the spot, first, you need to hide your vehicle where the coyotes won’t be able to spot it. Stay low in the bush or any cover. Set up the base low on the ground and avoid standing up. You can also place your base at a height but make sure to be covered up! A bit of height will help to get a clear and better target on the predator.

6. Sitting According To Windicator 

When it comes to hunting animals like coyotes, with an extremely good sense of smell, they may find you. Here wind comes as a saver. To hunt coyotes, hunters have to play with the wind and stay unnoticed by them. 

You have to select your hunting place after properly investigating the area. Take proper care that the wind is towards your face. This will ensure that your smell won’t reach coyotes. This will allow you to hit the maximum number of coyotes.

7. Use Lights & Thermals 

Use Lights & Thermals 

Are you going for the hunting session at night? Don’t forget to take your hunting Lights and Thermals. Your killing experience will improve significantly with these gears. Set up the lights in a proper way that will facilitate a clear view of the predator.

The use of thermals will help you have night vision.

The heat waves will help you see your target in the dark hours. Continue Scanning and Searching till you find your target. When you get the blazing eyes, keep your lights on and focus on them, it will keep them blinded, and you can take the shot.

8. Use Decoy & Calls

Use Coyotes Decoy & Calls

Decoys and calls have a huge significance when it comes to hunting. With the help of these coyotes, your prey comes to you by being attracted to some sound and seeing the decoys. 

Electronic Calls are highly effective when it comes to attracting animals to you.  Unlike hand calls, electronic calls can produce dual sounds simultaneously. The coyotes get attracted to the sound perceiving it to be a group of its prey. 

Next comes the decoy. When coyotes respond to the call, they will come closer and will see the decoy as a mate and come towards it. By doing this, coyotes will lock themselves in the range and target of the hunter.

9. Have Patience

Do not lose your patience while hunting a coyote! It may take long hours to spot your target. Avoid any conversation or whispering with your hunting partner. Coyotes are cunning animals with extremely sharp ears. They can hear the minimum noise.

If there is no sign of any coyote, just let it get dark, and they will approach. Remember to call a coyote after 15 minutes of you settling in.

10. Minimum Movement

Be very conscious about your movement while hunting for coyotes. They look for their prey sharply so that they will look around the area. Make sure to be completely camouflaged with the surroundings. You should cover your face and body and stay hidden in your base. The call you are using should also be covered to prevent coyotes from noticing it. There are several calls available that have already been covered with the decoy.

Stay calm and still in your position, and use your gears to attract the coyote. Do not think about changing the base more often; it will make coyotes aware of your presence. You can change your base only after waiting for more than half an hour but do not change when the night is approaching. Take the shot according to your preference of distance.

11. Right Time To Take The Shot

Right Time To Take The Shot

Coyotes are small predators, and the shooting margin is from 3 to 5 inches. To have a perfect shot, you first need to have the right gun; a Ruger RPR of 6mm is a perfect choice. To have a precise target, focus on the front mass of the coyote, which is walking, facing you. If the coyote is sideways, you can target its shoulder. These two points will affect you highly, and you can have a smooth shoot.

If you are comfortable shooting from a distance, then go for it. Target the coyote when approaching your base and shoot it. If you have the upper hand in killing closely, wait until the coyote comes near, and when it reaches your desired distance, go for the trigger. 

If you’re hunting at night, you have got an edge. Their eyes tend to shine in the sheer darkness. Whenever you see two shining eyes coming in your direction, be prepared. 

12. Skinning Coyotes

After taking a Shot at the coyote, it’s time to Skin it! If you are skinning for the first time, it may be a tough task. By practicing and following the right procedures, you can do it without any trouble. Make sure to have latex gloves, a Sharp Pocket Knife, a Dog Collar Choke Chain, Small Game game-skinning gambrel. Start Skinning from the anus and move towards the body. After that, the last step is skinning the face. Store the skin properly according to the weather of the region.

13. Carry All The Necessary Coyotes Gears

Carry All The Necessary Coyotes Gears

When you are out in a large area for hunting, you can miss anything. You need to take care that you carry all necessary coyote hunting gear to avoid any mishappening. Remembering all this stuff may be a challenge. Make a list of your requested gear a few days before going out for a hunt. 

Keep on updating your list whenever you remember something to add or remove. Match your gears with the list and move forward to the hunting field without worrying about equipment.


Hunting is a risky form of fun. You must be very conscious and mentally ready about what you will do on that hunting field. Some research before going to the hunting area will immensely increase your hunting experience and gradually decrease your risk factors.

Take proper care of all the equipment you take with you for hunting. Try using the equipment before you head out to hunt to ensure they are working properly. Be extremely careful while using deadly weapons like rifles. Keeping this tip and tactics in mind, head straight towards the hunting field and win over many coyotes.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. How can we possibly trap coyotes?

The best way to trap coyotes is by using Scent and Calls. Coyotes are animals with great smelling strength. Hence they will be more attracted to scents. Calls also work extremely well when it is mixed with Scent. 

2. How early should I go out to hunt coyotes?

You should leave before sunrise. Finding the spot and all set up takes time. Hence moving out from the dark will give you enough time to be ready before encountering coyotes. 

3. Should we hunt coyotes in windy weather?

Yes, you can hunt coyotes during the wind. But you have to take care of the wind detection and accordingly use your equipment to attract coyotes towards you.

4. What sounds should the electric call produce to trap coyotes?

Electric calls have to mimic the sound of the prey coyotes’ hunt. This varies from place to place. Hunters must find the most common native prey and adjust the electric call accordingly. The most commonly used sounds for coyote hunting are rabbits and cottontails.

5. How long should I wait after using all the gears to attract coyotes?

If the area has a proper density of coyotes, you can find them in just 10 minutes. If not, you can wait up to 25 to 30 minutes. But if you’re feeling sometimes strong, your wait may extend up to 45 minutes. But not more than that. Change the area and try again from the beginning if nothing works for 45 minutes.

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