What is EDC Pry Bars and Its Importance For An Outdoor Kit?

Pry bars are one of the most overlooked tools within the outdoor kit of an adventurer. Several tools exist today that have functions for every single application of necessity. EDC pry bars are great tools to have during times of need or even in survival situations.

What is EDC Pry Bars and Its Importance For An Outdoor Kit

What are EDC Pry Bars?

EDC is a general acronym that stands for “Everyday Carry.” The EDC pry bar is incorporated within the set of outdoor tools carried by most EDC practitioners. It is often taken for granted due to its limited usage. But, EDC pry bars have a particular specialization, which it accomplishes to the best of its ability.

EDC pry bars may come in handy during survival or emergencies, mostly for the application of leverage, which can open most materials. Any EDC practitioner may check out these EDC pry bar tools made with the finest metals capable of withstanding tremendous amounts of pressure. EDC pry bars may give a person significant mechanical advantages against people that neglect to implement its purpose.

How does an EDC Pry Bar Function?

EDC pry bars are usually characterized by a fully metallic tool that can be more than 4-5 inches in length. The conventional EDC pry bar has a full size of metal built and molded to fit into the person’s palm. An EDC pry bar’s business end is described to have a hook-like opening, with the lower mouth that serves as the attaching point when prying something open. The head of the pry bar is an extension of its metal structure that usually extends an inch or more and resembles a hammerhead shark’s profile.

Typical pry bars are molded and built into a slimmer profile with a thickness of their metal. The material applied is metallic compositions calculated to withstand the whole amount of force when used to pry open different contraptions and assemblies. The grips are found with the pry bar’s length, which can be molded to follow the palm contours of a handler or be covered with survival rope or paracords to add more style and survivability options.

EDC pry bars are great with applying leverage or trying to pull two objects apart. For instance, when accessing a light wooden door, the door frame functions as the fulcrum for the process. The edge of the pry bar is inserted into the door’s opening side, while the handle serves as the pressure application point that forces more clearance of the stuck components.

Why Carry an EDC Pry Bar?

EDC pry bars are miniaturized versions of the widely recognized pry bars seen with vehicles or more popularized with Half-life’s Gordon and his melee tool for universal uses. The actual EDC pry bar functions similarly in real life and can be used during prying stuck doors or hatches open, which is possible due to its pure and durable metallic structure. Having an EDC pry bar may help with emergencies and save a relative’s or a friend’s life.

Another purpose of the EDC pry bar is that it can be used to open bottle caps. Its hooked structure can also provide an attachment grapple for hooking up against forms. It can also be used as a self-defense tool if an EDC practitioner uses it as a flashy key cardholder.

Uses of the EDC Pry Bar

The EDC pry bar serves to apply pressure between two separate objects. The hooked head functions as its attachment mechanism. The molded grasp of the EDC pry bar is developed with finger slips that prevent it from sliding from its user’s hands. The EDC pry bar is a single material tool that can withstand vast amounts of applied pressure when trying to pry loose stuck objects.

  • Opening a Stuck Car Door
  • Opening a Stuck Car Trunk
  • Breaking Apart a Door Lock
  • Opening a Paint Can
  • Can be used as a fulcrum for Object Lifting
  • Glass Breaking
  • Digging Purposes
  • Alternative Scraping Tool
  • Non-Lethal Self-Defense Scenario Tool


The EDC pry bar is great for everyday situations when two stuck objects need to be taken apart. The EDC pry bar is a special tool that is mostly made whole with metal compositions that can withstand significant amounts of force. It is an excellent tool to utilize during emergency and survival scenarios that can save a life.


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