In this article, I am going to explain how to choose a rangefinder for hunting, so that it lasts for a while. True shooters always know the exact distance to hit the target with accuracy. In hunting, rangefinders and spotting scopes, are known for their distance measurement.

How To Choose A Hunting Rangefinder

Within the past five years, Laser Rangefinder technology has undergone incredible advancements. These progressions will surely help you a lot in terms of functionality and accuracy. They are now faster than ever, tougher in design, and come with high-level technology that is much easier to access, carry, and utilize without any hassle.

The processor combined with the memory storage is now much faster and possesses integrated digital accelerometers. It also includes visual displays and a great ranging distance that is more realistic than what we used years ago.

Well! It doesn’t matter how ideal you are to have just the perfect amount of time to range your target. You should understand that it doesn’t always appear like that. This is the foremost reason why most good hunters are investing their money in purchasing quality rangefinders as a standard tool.

Do you want to improve your accuracy chances of success by avoiding shooting something else? If yes, then it’s always recommended to consider every single detail of the hunting rangefinder before purchasing it.

Factors to Consider while choosing the Best Hunting Rangefinder

Further down, we have curated a list of the most essential points that you should always consider while choosing the right hunting rangefinder within your budget:

Maximum Range

Hunting Rangefinder Range

While purchasing any rangefinder, you need to know the distance range of that rangefinder. The maximum range of the rangefinders available in the market is from 1-4000 yards. Vortex Optics Razor HD 4000 laser rangefinder is a great example of 4000 yards ranging.

Moreover, the rangefinders which possess a higher distance range such as 1200 yards will cost more than the rangefinders of the lower range. For example, if you are a rifle hunter, you should buy a rangefinder at a range of 300 – 1200 yards, while if you are a golfer, you can go with 200 – 600 yards.

Size and Quality

It’s better to purchase such a rangefinder that can fit easily into your pockets and is quite easy to hold. For instance, too small a rangefinder might make it difficult for you to choose the right buttons. Subsequently, purchasing too big can make you leave it in the truck as it will turn out to be trouble for you to pack it.

You should never forget to check out the quality of the equipment. This will give you an assurance you are purchasing the best hunting rangefinder from the top certified professionals.

Durability and Portability

For what environment you’re planning to use the device? Well. For hunting, it’s better to have a rugged one that can easily withstand knocks and more. Consequently, you need to check out whether the rangefinder is fogproof, water-resistant, and adding no extra weight.

You should always purchase a weightless hunting rangefinder as it will become easy for you to hold it. This will make your hunting experience more enjoyable and tactful as you won’t feel any additional pressure on your hands.

Price Range and Features

The truth is that rangefinder comes in various price ranges and has different features. The price depends on the quality, modern technology, functions, features, and brand name.

Therefore, while choosing the best hunting rangefinder, you should always choose the one that truly satisfies your needs. For example, if you are purchasing it for golfing, you need to check out the flagstick, a squirrel running, the incline or decline of the terrain, etc.

Rangefinder Technology

When you start your journey to choosing the best rangefinder, you will find loads of rangefinders with various technologies. You must know that optical and ultrasonic rangefinders aren’t used much these days because they are very time-consuming and are inaccurate to use.

Hunting Rangefinder Features

Most of the advanced devices hold some variation of the target acquisition technology which offers visual and tactile confirmation when the device has been locked in.

Angle Compensation

Hunting Rangefinder Angle Compensation

You need to make sure the rangefinder you are purchasing has some version of angle compensation. While you are hunting, it’s unusual to shoot while being level with your game. Yeah. The angle you are shooting has a lot of effects on the projectile drip.

For example, if you are shooting up on the hill, you need to adjust the angle so that the arrow or the bullet won’t drop so much. This is quite confusing. Therefore, it’s better to check out the angle compensation of the hunting rangefinder before purchasing.

Product Research

Product Review

How will you get assurance that you are purchasing the best rangefinder from a team of top-certified professionals? For this, you should never forget to check out the reviews of their previous clients. This will help you to get an idea about their equipment.

For instance, if you are a spectacle wearer, you need some sort of extra distance for a clear view. This little homework will help you to find the best hunting rangefinder without burning a hole in your pocket.

Wrapping Up

Do you also want to eliminate the guesswork and get the perfect distance between you and your target? Well. It’s better to follow these points and choose the best hunting rangefinder within your budget.

A quality rangefinder won’t merely help you to measure the exact distance to the pin but it will also assist you to speed up your round in the best possible manner. Moreover, once you are accustomed to using it, it will only take a few seconds to use the rangefinder to check your distance.


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